I’ve Been To Countless Weddings But Have Never Witnessed A Dance Quite Like Theirs [video]

Updated December 21, 2016

Weddings are steeped in traditions. The entire process seems to be one continuous tradition after another. Some couples choose to forgo it and do something creative and unique. But often, couples realize that traditions are in place for a reason – because they’re meaningful and they work.

First dances are a tradition that is powerful and heartfelt. And not just the first dance between the newlyweds, although that is always a magical moment. But the dance between the groom and his mother and of course the bride and her father makes for a special occasion unlike any other.

Recenltly father-of-the-bride Rick Harnsberger of Olmsted Falls, Ohio shocked everyone and stole the groom’s thunder when he stepped out on the dance floor to have his dance with his daughter, Holly Wolff.

Check out how they added a twist to their wedding dance. Instead of it being a slow, bittersweet moment, they performed and energetic, delightful dance that left everyone attending the wedding in tears of joy…

Check out how dad and his daughter shocked everyone by performing an energetic dance routine together.

Rick and Holly took their guests through the decades. They waltzed, jived, and stomped through hit song after hit song until everyone there was giving them a standing ovation!

The video below was filmed at the October 1 wedding and is just going viral now. You’ll catch the moment that gray-haired Harnsberger takes his daughter’s hand and starts dancing with the bride much to the delight of everyone there.

They begin their performance with a slow dance to an emotional Celine Deon classic…

But then dad shocks everyone. He swiftly spins Holly and people clap. But when the music changes everyone realizes that they’re about to embark on a rehearsed and pre-choreographed dance routine.

Quickly, everyone in the audience realizes that dad is not just an ordinary middle-aged man dancer. He has moves and isn’t afraid to showcase them for everyone.

Holly said: “It was so much fun, we absolutely loved doing it. It was actually my dad’s idea. He’s danced with me before at my old dance studio and as you can see, he’s pretty good at it. We wanted to keep it as a complete surprise, so only my mum and Kyle, my husband knew. Everyone adored it and couldn’t stop telling us how awesome it was.”

For several minutes, the pair continue to groove in perfect harmony with each other. They have the entire audience rapt in attention.

But the most special moment came when Rick channeled Justin Timberlake to perform NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” as he gives his daughter away to another man.

Holly said: “We had an amazing day, we loved how much it reflected us as people. We cut out cake with a huge sword and even had a Nerf gun battle with a T-Rex on our entrance. It was all such good fun.”

What do you think about this kooky and creative take on the father-daughter wedding dance?

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