I’ve Been To Many Weddings But I’ve Never Seen Anything Like What They Did For The First Dance

Updated December 1, 2016

Once you have been to the weddings of your best friend, your brother, and yourself, you probably are pretty much done with the rite of passage. It is either the same old thing, June brides, little kids knocking things over at the table, and a registry of things the couple will never need, or some fancy destination wedding that you will need a passport to attend, because how could you not show up for your second cousin’s second wedding in Fiji?

Thankfully, some rare couples know exactly how much the rest of us want to spend an entire weekend celebrating their love for each other and try to make it fun for everyone. We just found an awesome video that has a couple doing an amazing dance for their guests. You are going to love this, no matter how you feel about weddings.

Let’s be honest, weddings are a hassle for everyone involved, including the guests. They are a rite of passage that many of us go through, but no one really enjoys, except the bride and the wedding planner. But we just found one fun couple that planned something very special for their guests, and then they totally rocked it.

This fantastic couple really knows how to cut a rug, and at their wedding, they gave their guests a show they will never forget. Choreographing a dance number for the song “I’ve Had the Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing, these two blow our socks off when we saw their moves.

The Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes song was the linchpin for the soundtrack to one of the greatest romantic movies of the 1980’s. This couple took it and made it their own, even as they paid their respects to the awesome swagger of the late Patrick Swayze.The choreography is so seamless that they don’t even seem miss a beat.

They even got the outfits right, with the bride foregoing the usual coronation gown with a trailer six blocks long, for a flirty and fun ballroom dress. She still went with the traditional white, but other than that it was right out of Dancing With The Stars.

A marriage is a partnership and so is the dance these two nailed. The groom got his solo down pat, and even brought in some of his buddies for back up. At one point even a little kid gets to join the chorus line, but to be honest, with that song playing and the newlywed’s inspired moves, it would be hard for anyone to stay seated.

They even hit the final “lift” right on the mark.

This kind of bride and groom and wedding party performance piece is becoming kind of a trend, from the groomsmen and bridesmaids doing a conga down the aisle, to extravagantly choreographed first dances, these shows are becoming more and more common. And we could not be happier, because nothing says celebration like a strong backbeat and everyone dancing.

It is a great way for the happy couple to give something back on a day when everyone else would rather be, well anywhere else. It keeps things fresh and lively and is just a heartwarming way to say thank you to all the people that show up to support them as they begin their new life together.

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