I’ve Never Seen Anyone Grate Tomatoes But After Tasting His, It’s The Only Recipe I’ll Use

Updated July 24, 2017

My favorite is penne. My wife loves spaghetti. But pasta is fun in all forms. Whether you love lasagna, tortellini or angel hair pasta, dishes with this delicious carbohydrate all need one thing in common – a delicious tomato sauce. While the majority of people claim they don’t have time to make their own and reach for a jar of marinara or alfredo, they’re all missing a delicious opportunity. Either because you’re out of time or don’t know how to prepare your own, you’ll want to see how this incredible chef makes homemade tomato sauce in minutes. Never again will you not have time to eat pasta sauce like royalty.

The recipe that you’re going to want to memorize comes from Food & Wine. You only need a few essential items to get started:

-Sharpened knife

-Cutting board

-Large mixing bowl

-Box grater

-Ripe tomatoes

-Olive oil

-Salt & pepper

That’s right. This homemade tomato sauce only requires three food items. It doesn’t get simpler and more delicious than this.

Gather everything together and then slice the tomatoes into even halves.

When you’re red tomatoes are cut into two, you’re going to need to carefully grate them.

Place the grater into the large mixing bowl. Then grab the back of the tomato and rub the cut side up and down against the grater. This will create a perfectly textured sauce into your bowl. Keep grating until you have as much tomato sauce as you need.

Then pour a generous amount of olive oil and salt and pepper. Then mix your homemade sauce gently together.

This natural tomato sauce only takes a few minutes to prepare and goes well with just about any dish.

Take a look at the video below if you need to see it visually.

“This is definitely the healthiest tomato sauce for Raw Diet. It is a Mediterranean Recipe particularly in the Balearic Islands. Spread it in toasted bread for breakfast. Some natives add their favorite cold cuts. But Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a must. For fine dining, they separate the seeds from the meat of tomato using a kitchen tool Pasa Pure or Chino. These are also the main ingredients for the cold soup GAZPACHO served before the main course. I Love It.”

“I suppose it’s OK if you don’t mind all those seeds in your sauce, and all the tomato inner pulp that’s going to make the ‘sauce’ really wet.  If you cut the tomatoes in half, then give them a bit of a squeeze, you’ll get rid of a lot of seeds and pulp, that don’t do anything for the overall flavor.”

“Tomato sauce is not too hard to make.  Most of the time just goes into letting it sit there to simmer.”

Some people are not fans of this easy recipe:

“No onions, no garlic, not cooked -> not a tomato sauce. Thanks for trying, but no thanks.”

“Ehm, this is not sauce. Not by definition, not in spirit. sorry, this is just pulp. And looks bland.”

Will you try this easy recipe?

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