I’ve Never Seen Eggs Made Using This Method. But It’s Now Easily My Favorite Way To Make Them

Updated May 16, 2017

If you’re a fan of meringue, then you’re going to love this new breakfast trend. You might have seen in floating around your Instagram or Pinterest feeds as of late, but if not let me describe it for you. Cloud eggs or Eggs in a Cloud look just like they sound. The yolk is separated from the whites and then each piece is treated differently.

The whites are whipped, baked, and then baked for a few more minutes with the yolk placed back on top of the “cloud.”

While they may be new for social media, if you’ve made these before you’re not alone. Kate Morgan Jackson of the website Framed Cooks, claims they’ve been a home-baked item for years. But if you’re looking to learn how to make Cloud Eggs, discover the perfect recipe and instructions below.

“It’s an old classic that has been around for ages and ages. I remember having them as a little girl,” Morgan told TODAY Food. “It’s always interesting to see what old faves all of the sudden are new again.”

Perhaps, Morgan can be credited for bringing this cool-looking dish back into the spotlight. As one of the first food writers to featured it in recent years, her recipe has been picked up by numerous home chefs.

According to Morgan’s recipe, you’ll need:

Those are my eggs in clouds up on the @todayshow website. Yep. *screams and runs in circles* Article link in profile, y’all! #eggs #recipes #excited #foodblogger

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-a mixer
-a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper
-some shredded parmesan cheese
-as many eggs as you’d like to make clouds with (one egg per cloud)

With just a few ingredients, this recipe is not as hard as it might look. First, separate the egg yolks from the whites. Take your mixing bowl and add all the whites together. The yolks should go in a separate cup.

“Whip the egg whites until they form nice sturdy peaks – just like you are making meringue.  This will take a good 2-3 minutes in the mixer,” she shares. After you’ve whipped your egg whites, fold the grated parmesan cheese into it.

Now portion the whipped egg whites into little clouds. Place them apart from each other on your baking sheet. Remember, you need one cloud per egg yolk – so make sure you’re keeping count. Make a dent in the center of the cloud and then pop them into your hot 450°F oven for three minutes.

“After 3 minutes, slide the baking sheet out of the oven and carefully slide the egg yolk into each little dent in the center.  Back into the oven for another 3 minutes,” she writes. “And that’s it!”

When it is time to serve your Cloud Eggs, Morgan suggests the following method:

“Slide a spatula under each one and pop them on a pretty plate.  The meringue will be soft and chewy and filled with parmesan cheese flavor, and the yolk will be creamy and wonderful.  And you will be admired throughout your house as an egg magician.”

Do you think you’d enjoy eating Cloud Eggs? Maybe for Mother’s Day this year?

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