I’ve Only Heard Of One But Have Never Seen A Video Of A Super Bugger Until Now [watch]

Updated April 13, 2017

Ever since Volkswagen released its iconic Beetle decades ago, the car brand has become an international sensation. As one of the richest companies in the world, Volkswagen has long been known for their innovation and quirky designs.

But back in the 1970s, the designers at V.W. wanted to provide their customers with something new. No matter how hard they tried, some people just were not appeased. As a result, some of the more creative owners of the Volkswagen “Bugs” turned their little car into something even more practical.

As you’ll see in the images below, these revolutionary Super Buggers are the perfect thing for a bachelor on the road…

The Super Bugger was a kit sold back in the 1970s that allowed VW Beetle owners to turn their car into a camper. This magical cross between a sedan and an RV allows people the maneuverability of the Beetle with the road-quality of a recreational vehicle.

And lucky for us, some of them still exist on the roads to this day.

Because the people in California were probably the top buyers for Beetles back in the ‘70s, a third party company designed these vintage campers. Back in 1975, the Super Bugger kits sold for $6,000, which is about $27,000 when adjusted to money today.

The DIYers could install fiberglass paneling behind their front seats. This would make enough room to provide a small living space in the back. While it wasn’t much, it was big enough for a tiny kitchen. Unfortunately, there was not room for a bed so you had to sleep out under the stars. This wouldn’t have been a problem for any California or Texas Super Bugger owner, but for someone up north, it just isn’t as practical.

Any low maintenance adventurer would have had plenty with one of these Super Buggers. They gave you just enough to make it on the road and do a cross country trip akin to what Jack Kerouac would have done back during the days of the Beatniks.

Take a tour inside one of these Super Buggers. The video below shows you exactly what these awesome converted cars are all about.

Inside the Super Bugger, the leather seats in front would have been perfect for a young man or couple eager to hit the road. With hot red leather, the front of the car is heating up. Behind that is the little kitchen area. It has a fold out table and two benches. If you had the need or it was raining outside, you could take a nap on these benches.

When the tour guide takes the camera around the back, we see that it has a storage space. But it is a very small and inefficient design. Today’s tiny homes and trailers make much better use of limited space.

Would you ever invest in a camper? Is this something you’d be interested in owning? Have a camper? What’s yours like?

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