Judges Accuse Her Of Lip Syncing, So She Asks For The Music To Be Turned Off; Blows Them Away

Updated October 11, 2017

When people are good at something, they often become a target of jealous hacks. While some people fall head over heels in love with their music or their art, others accuse them of being nothing special. Because they only wish they were as good as these talented few, they try to knock them down with criticisms and digs. But when the really talented among us come up against this push back, they keep going. They don’t let it deter their mission to be great because they know that they are doing their absolute best. That’s what happened a Ukraine’s X Factor not long ago. One signer was just too good for the judges so they accused her of cheating. But when she heard their request and accepted their challenge, she ended up blowing them away with her God-given talent. Check out this spectacular performance below!

When Aida Nikolaychuk showed up to audition on Ukraine’s X Factor, she was nervous. She was 29 year old cashier and despite thinking she had a good voice had never pursued it professionally. She believed that this chance, on X Factor, was her big break. She was ready to see where the opportunity took her.

Wanting to impress the judges, Aida chose the popular song named “Lullaby” by the famous Russian crooner Polina Gagarina. She couldn’t go wrong with this audition piece, or so she thought…

Aida stands on stage before the hyper-critical judges and begins singing the piece. But about 2 minutes into the rendition, two judges huddle together and start criticizing the beautiful singer. They are judges Ihor Kondratiuk and Sergey Vasilyevich Parkhomenko (a.k.a. Seryoga) and they had a horrible thing to say. They were accusing the beautiful Aida of lip syncing the audition. They were accusing her of cheating.

Seryoga: “Are you kidding me? Is this some joke?”

Ihor: “Is this a recording?”

Seryoga: “Yes, I think it’s a recording.”

Ihor: “Is this live? Is she lip synching?”

The judges were offended. They couldn’t believe that she was lip syncing on a live singing competition. They turned the music off. Then they requested something to prove that they were right.

“Could you sing any song a cappella?” Ihor asked.

Aida was surprised. She hadn’t prepared her song a cappella. The judges pounced.

“Not any song. This song,” Seryoga challenged.

After calming her nerves, Aida, who works as a cashier, rose to the challenge. She started singing Lullaby and blew away the judges. And they had to admit that they were wrong.

“We stopped you because I couldn’t believe my ears,” Seryoga said when she was done.

She had blown away the Ukraine X Factor judges. He added that her “magical voice” was so good it already sounded “like a commercially produced CD.” That means whoever signs Aida could save a fortune in postproduction costs.

Check out her amazing performance below. This video has been watched thousands of times and people of all different countries love it.

What do you think about this young singer’s voice? Are you a fan?