Just Days After 17-Year-Old Got A Hickey He Dropped Dead In The Middle Of Eating Dinner

Updated September 1, 2016

For decades, teenagers have been tattooing their lovers with hickeys, also known as “love bites.” A hickey is bruise-like mark that is the result of the sucking of the skin. During heavy petting, teenagers sometimes end up marking themselves with the loving tattoos. The small bruises usually last anywhere from five to twelve days and they can be treated much in the same way as other bruises. Some of the methods used to speed up the process of a hickey’s appearance are: rubbing them with a cold spoon, apply a warm compress to older hickeys to dilate vessels. This produces blood flow, which will ultimately make the bruise disappear. And for those who want an immediate remedy, the bruise can be blotted with an orange or peachy based concealer or powder. And of course, there are the quick fixes of adding a scarf or a turtleneck.

While a hickey is a clear sign that some sexual activity has been going on and it alerts parents to their child’s whereabouts, they have always been known as a fairly innocent marking. But, one couple made the unfortunate discovery that the act of giving a hickey can be deadly.

When Julio Macias Gonzalez and his girlfriend where fooling around, they didn’t think much about the skin sucking that the heavy petting led to. His girlfriend really wanted to take the kissing and sucking above and beyond, so she went to work sucking his neck. Evidently, his girlfriend picked the wrong spot to tag Gonzalez, as the constant sucking on his jugular region led him to his shocking death.

The intense hickey that his girlfriend was intent on giving, caused a blockage in Gonzalez’s vein. It led to a colossal blood clot that would take him to his death. Gonzalez’s health stayed in tact until he made it back to his parents’ house. But, not long after the clot had worked its way up his neck, then into his brain. The result was a succession of serious seizures.

By the time his parents got in touch with authorities, Gonzalez lost his struggle for life and by the authorities arrived on the scene, he was pronounced dead.

Gonzalez’s girlfriend was seven years older than him and after the incident, she mysteriously disappeared. The parents, who had never approved of the relationship, had tried to get in touch with the woman but they had no luck. The end result is one that is tragic and will leave Gonzalez’s family mourning his loss, which was far too early.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that the “love bites” have proven to leave more than just a bruise behind. Back in 2010 a 44-year-old New Zealand woman had a stroke shortly after receiving a hickey. While she ended up surviving the stroke, there is a great lesson in the lethal result of hickeys. While it’s less conventional for grown adults to exchange hickey’s, this resulted in yet another lesson.

The shocking outcome of these two situations is certainly something that parents can share with their children.