Just When The NFL Thought The Worst Was Over For Not Punishing Protesters, There’s More Bad News : AWM

Just When The NFL Thought The Worst Was Over For Not Punishing Protesters, There’s More Bad News

Because more and more NFL players are taking a knee during the national anthem pregame show, major sponsors are pulling their funding. The NFL is feeling the heat as they are continuing to lose money because of the players’ protest against police brutality and racial injustice in the United States. Now the owner of Flemington Car and Truck Company has pulled every dollar spent on advertising from broadcast during NFL games for the remainder of the 2017 season. This dealership may be one of the first to pull funding but it won’t be the last. The NFL is feeling the consequences of their players’ political protest during the pregame performance of The Star Spangled Banner. Learn more below.

Flemington Car and Truck Company released a statement about why they choose to spend their advertising dollars somewhere else besides with the NFL.

“The National Football league and its owners have shown their fans and marketing partners that they do not have a comprehensive policy to ensure that players stand and show respect for American and our flag during the national anthem,” Steve Kalafer, the dealership owner, wrote in a statement. “We have cancelled all of our NFL advertising on the Optimum and Infinity (cable) networks.”

Kalafer is an involved American patriot who also is proudly part of the Somerset Patriots’ ownership group. This is an independent professional baseball team that he plays with in Somerset County in New Jersey.

“As the NFL parses the important nationwide issues of ‘social justice’ and ‘freedom of speech’, it is clear that a firm direction by them is not forthcoming,” Kalafer added.

Right now Kalafer is pulling all his advertising money from the NFL for the rest of the 2017. For the upcoming 2018 season, he will reconsider if the NFL owners force their players to stand during the game.

He pulled the adds on Thursday when his employees and customers expressed concern about how the dealership’s reputation was being tarnished in association with the NFL players who were taking a knee during the anthem.

“I’m talking to 99-percent of (my) contacts and they agree that it’s disrespectful, it’s improper,” Kalafer said. “We couldn’t support the lack of direction.”

Although the dealership owner is pulling every advertising dollar he spends with the NFL, he claims that he is not doing it because of the protests. He is doing it because of how, in his opinion, the NFL owners and teams have failed to take the leadership stance they were supposed to. He feels that the owners should not let the players bully them around since they are paying their salaries. He wants to see the NFL owners give their players a less disruptive way for them to exercise their freedom of speech.

“Owners buried their heads in the sand when (Colin) Kaepernick was kneeling. That was the time and place for direction and leadership, and that’s why this controversy is taking place,” the dealer added in the statement.

Do you think more advertisers should pull their money from the NFL?