K9 Who Took A Bullet For His Officer Handler, Finally Gets To Go Home. Hailed A Hero

Updated May 18, 2017

While we usually talk about rescuing dogs from shelters and breeding facilities, the truth is that quite often, dogs rescue us. They give us unconditional love and unwavering companionship so freely and easily.

In the case of Kasper the K9 dog, a member of The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, he quite literally rescued his partner in a shoot out that occurred earlier this month. Now in recovery from a bullet wound and being heralded as a hero, you have to hear the story of this courageous canine.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office posted on its Facebook page, “We are investigating an officer involved shooting in Jupiter involving the suspect in the robbery and shooting that occurred this morning. Suspect Phillip Oshea, again fired shots at the deputies while we were attempting to apprehend him. He was shot and killed. During the gunfire, PBSO K9 Casper was shot while protecting his handler. This was the weapon used by this dangerous suspect to fire upon our deputies twice in the same day. The suspect Phillip Oshea, 46 had a warrant out for his arrest in North Carolina. PBSO K9 Kasper took a bullet that was meant for his K9 Partner. He is currently recovering and in stable condition.”

Comments poured in in response to the announcement.

Karen Smith-Burrows wrote, “Thank you to our PBSO for doing what you do. And praying for a quick recovery for K9 Kasper! It is amazing to see the love and devotion between a handler and their K9. It’s a relationship only a few understand. Get well soon Kasper!”

Hall Tim Hall commented, “Glad the K9 is in stable condition…. poor baby. He needs a permanent vacation (but to live with his handler) and a ton of his favorite doggie treats for the rest of his life. Praying for that sweet baby and the officer as I’m sure that’s made his partner a complete and utter wreck.”

Dana Gasbarro Ippolito said, “Thank you to All the officers involved and poor kasper… for getting this piece of human garbage off the street guaranteeing he can never hurt another person…. i’m sorry someone had to lose their life but when you live a life of crime this is what your gambling on… Hoping the dog pulls through bless all of you.”

Griffen Amadon wrote, “Hope K9 Kasper has a speedy recovery and gets back out there…or has an early retirement. Im sure he would love to chew on some bones at home after all that.
Glad the deputy is ok. This is becoming an occurrence that happens way too often.”

Chandra Lowe Flight commented, “Praying for you K9 Kasper! As the wife of a K9 handler, I know the the sacrifice the dogs make for their handler. May you have a speedy and full recovery. Thank you for your service to your handler, department and community.”

Cheryl Campbell Jarrett said, “Good to hear this incident going back to yesterday morning ended with a true hero taking the bullet to end this suspects search by all the deputy’s involved. Recover quickly K9 Kasper. Thank you for protecting your handler and us citizens. Thank you to the deputy who took care of the suspect.”

Adrea Guaglione wrote, “Praying for Kasper’s recovery and grateful to all the brave officers who showed up and did their job just like they do everyday…never knowing what the outcome will be. Stay safe…”

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