Kids Playing Hide And Seek Find Blue Heart In Hotel Room, Parents Realize God Wanted Them To

Updated September 7, 2017

While traveling to Texas from Springfield, Missouri, Shawn and Jennifer Kemp were not themselves. They had just lost their son, who died shortly after birth, and they were still saddened by the loss. Not to mention that they were going to Texas to attend another person’s funeral. It was a depressing trip to say the least. But while making the trip down to Texas, the Kemps lost something that could never be replaced. Their child, Thade, was cremated and his ashes placed into a blue, heart-shaped urn. It was their keepsake for their baby boy that they loved beyond words despite his short time on earth. But on their trip to Texas, they lost the urn with their son’s ashes.

When Jennifer realized that her boy’s urn was missing, her heart broke all over again.

“It’s not just an urn,” Jennifer told the Norman Transcript. “He’s in there. That’s all I have on this Earth of him. We travel with him; we take him with us when we leave the house because you take your kids with you when you leave. So, it’s been pretty rough.”

The couple left Springfield behind on Thursday morning. But instead of rushing down to Texas, they stopped in Tulsa, Oklahoma to fill up on gas. During the break, they also had lunch before continuing south.

The Kemps had no idea when Thade’s ashes disappeared. They didn’t know if someone stole them or if they simply misplaced the ashes. They only noticed the urn was missing when they saw it wasn’t in their suitcase on Saturday.

That’s when Jennifer turned to Facebook for help. She was desperate to be reunited with her boy’s ashes. She wrote:

“URGENT-PLEASE SHARE We lost our son (who is in a small blue keepsake urn). We were traveling from Springfield, MO to Granbury, TX this weekend for a funeral. Somewhere along the way he was lost. We travel with him when we leave home so he is always with us. We stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Granbury. They have not been able to find him. We have no idea where he may have fallen out of our bag. Here’s a photo of the urn. The urn is inscribed with his name: THADE…”

And after the post was shared more than 25,000 times, a miracle happened. Thade’s ashes were found over the Labor Day weekend.

She shared an update on September 2.

“HE HAS BEEN FOUND!!! Tucked away in a corner of the hotel room. Thanks to two little girls who were playing hide-and-seek, he has been found! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE for the prayers and keeping this post going. We can be together again!”

In Grandbury, Texas, two girls were playing hide-and-seek in their family’s hotel room. That’s when they looked into the corner of the room and saw the blue heart-shaped urn. They had found Thade’s ashes while playing a game. Maybe the babe’s child’s spirit had called to them somehow.


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