Kids These Days Don’t Know What Good Music Is. Share This With Them So They Can Get A Taste

Updated October 5, 2016

If you grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, then you were privy to some of the best music of all time. Not only did you get to listen to Elvis Presley, Motown greats, Frank Sinatra, and more, you were growing up in the Golden Age of Rock ‘N Roll.

Perhaps during one of your school dances, you took your girl or guy out on the dance floor to move back and forth to one of the great instrumental hits of the day. While music without words is an unheard of invention when it comes to today’s modern music, back in the Golden Age, musicians had talent. And they were able to craft hits without the need of a vocalist or lyricist. One of the great bands who did this was certainly The Ventures. But they were not alone.

One of the hits that we just remembered and are dying to share with you is the nearly forgotten “Sleep Walk” by Santo & Johnny. Listen to the performance below from Dick Clark’s Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show back in 1959 and allow yourself to drift back to your memories of the Good Old Days…

When Clark introduces the awesome song, he shares the story about how these cats wrote it. It was 2 in the morning and Santo & Johnny were playing their instruments.

Little did they know that their after-midnight jam would go on to become one of the most iconic tracks and sounds of the Golden Age of Rock ‘N Roll.

“But the story of this song if very interesting,” Clark says following his warning to the young ladies to “strap themselves in” after they swooned over the handsome brothers about to step onto the stage.

“One brother woke the other brother and said ‘I have an idea for a song,’” Clark recanted. “They got up. They lived in a two family house in Brooklyn. And they must have very understanding neighbors because they got up at two o’clock in the morning and they wrote this song. And it turned into a very, very big hit. It’s a thing called ‘Sleep Walk’.”

Take a listen to this classic sound as the brothers play their beautiful instrumental music on the electric guitar and the lap slide guitar. The music will absolutely melt your heart.

When this clip was finally uploaded to YouTube more than five decades after the duo appeared on the Dick Clark Show, more than 2 million people have tuned in to pay their respects to the Golden Age of Rock ‘N Roll.

Here’s what just a couple of fans wrote in the comments:

“I wish music like this would make a comeback.  The best thing about it though is it doesn’t have to; it’s timeless.”

“My great-grandma recently passed away and This song played at her funeral. Now every time I listen to it I start tearing up.”

Do you remember this iconic song? What are your favorite instrumental rock tracks?

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