Lady Accidentally Breaks Bracelet She’s Trying On. When The Store Tells Her The Price, She Faints

Updated June 30, 2017

We all have heard the phrase about a bull in a china shop. Well, one woman accidentally broke a $44,000 bracelet while visiting in a shop in China. And when the owner said there was a ‘you break it you buy it’ policy, the woman “faints in shock” from the high price tag. The incident occurred at a jade market in Ruili City on June 27th. She was trying on the expensive bracelet for fun when she dropped it and the expensive piece of jewelry shattered into pieces. That’s when staff at the store swarmed the woman and demanded that she pay the $44,000 price tag. She couldn’t believe her bad luck.

When the woman heard how much the bracelet cost, she fainted in shock and had her family carry her out of the shop.

The tourist could not believe her bad luck after breaking the jade bracelet worth a whopping 300,000 yuan or about $44,000.

Because she accidentally dropped the bracelet, it broke in half and caused her a world of strife.

Reportedly the bracelet, which had a very smooth appearance, slipped out of her hand and cracked into two pieces as it hit the hard floor. When the thing broke, someone took out their camera and started filming the incident.

As the shopkeepers came up to the tourist and told her that she owed the shop 300,000 yuan, she fainted after learning the exorbitant price.

Because jade is a luxury product in China, it is highly valued. It represents good health and a long life. Breaking a piece of jade jewelry is not good luck.

After she accidentally smashed the prime piece of jade, the owner ran over to make sure she paid for it. But the shock of the news caused her to faint.

Her family carried her and laid her on the ground so she could recover from the shock.

Because the family was not trying to dishonor the shop owner, one of the people with the woman offered the shop owner 70,000 yuan, which is about $10,000, to replace the piece of jewelry. The shop owner grew angry and refused the measly sum of money. It was not nearly enough to cover the expense of the bracelet.

Later an independent expert valued the piece of jewelry at 180,000 yuan, which is about $27,000. Because the family wanted to do what was right, they agreed to pay the seller this sum.

As you can imagine, breaking a piece of jewelry like this would be anyone’s worst nightmare. And the internet had a lot to say about this moment in time. Here were some popular thoughts shared on Daily Mail:

“How clumsy! She should have been arrested.”

“Most expensive antique jade bracelet I have just seen on eBay is [about $500], also I remember being in holiday in Egypt and to prove their items were proper jade they would throw things at the floor, to me it shows this is a setup.”

How would you react if you broke a $44,000 piece of jewelry in the shop?

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