Lady Goes On Unprovoked Racist Rant, People Say She Got What Was Coming To Her

Updated October 11, 2017

In our racially tense day and age, when labels of bigotry seem to be tossed around more liberally than ever, it’s somewhat clarifying to see an actual racist get served a platter of instant karma – or is it?

In this scenario, we see a white woman verbally harassing a black man while they’re both waiting for the bus stop. The confrontation occurs in front of a sizeable audience of people, all waiting for the bus.

In the footage of the incident, which was only recorded a few minutes into the confrontation, the white woman parades through the bus stop calling the black man the n-word repeatedly.

Not only is her repeated use of the word disturbing, but her demeanor shows her holding nothing back, launching the racial slurs at the man loudly, shouting them directly to his face.

The audio in the footage is unclear, though it can be heard that she calls the man “ignorant” a number of times between the racial slurs.

Another note on the woman’s demeanor: her words are slurred and her balance is off, leading one to believe that she might be inebriated during the confrontation.

The man she’s shouting at responds in turn, saying repeatedly that she’s a “disgrace” and calling her “white trash”.

Since the footage of the altercation only begins in the middle of it, it’s hard to say who the aggressor was here. Judging by the footage exclusively, the woman is clearly the unrelenting one, and appears to enjoy making a spectacle of the whole ordeal. With that in mind, it’s easy to understand why the man chooses not to take the high road, and instead opts to respond to her in-turn.

Until a certain point, the confrontation is entirely verbal, with the physical barrier not being broken quite yet. Eventually, the man begins threatening the woman, grabbing his own bottle of 7-Up from his grocery bag and saying to the woman, “Get out of my face, ’cause I will slap you.”

This does nothing to deter the woman, not even when he feints striking her with the bottle when she continues to taunt him directly to his face. She simply dances around the man, addressing the spectators directly: “Hey everyone, do you see what a n***** is?”

Indeed, the woman escalates the situation even more by kicking one of the man’s grocery bags.

This is where the violence starts. As foreshadowed, the man hits her in the head three times with the soda bottle, then once with his closed fist.

Amazingly, the woman doesn’t bat an eye, getting up immediately and saying to the spectators, “That’s what a n***** is.”

In fact, she chooses to walk over to the man again, kicking another one of his grocery bags even harder.

Raging, he chases her around the bus stop, eventually catching her and dragging her by the hair along the sidewalk.

Two other men immediately jump in to stop him, one of them punching him in the face. This marks the end of the confrontation.

What do we learn? Nothing clear, that’s for sure. As obviously bigoted (and, let’s face it, horrible) as this woman’s behavior is, bringing physical violence into a verbal confrontation only serves to escalate things. What separates us from animals is that we resolve conflict with words, not violence.

Then again, there is grim history behind the evil in the words this woman chose to use. Maybe this confrontation would serve as a well-needed lesson to her.

What do you think, did she get her just desserts?