Lady Has No Idea Her Every Move Is Being Recorded, Vile Act Quickly Goes Viral

Updated October 11, 2017

A woman was caught abusing her little dog while on the public subway in Toronto, Canada. While the stereotype of Canadians is that they’re too nice, this woman proves otherwise when she was caught on camera beating and biting her tiny lap dog. While other passengers looked on and filmed her act of animal cruelty, the poor little dog sat in her lap and endured the suffering as she shouted “stop it now you hear me” at the frightened pup. Thankfully, a fellow passenger eventually stands up to confront the abuser – but that happens minutes into the video. Watch this one now!

Terrified of its abusive owner, the small dog tries to get away from her. But when it does, the woman, who has it trapped on a leash, pulls on the strap so hard that the tiny dog yelps in pain. Eventually, a fellow passenger stands up and confronts the woman.

“You’ve got to stop hitting your dog.”

The animal abuser shows no remorse for her crime. Instead, she grows angry and lashes out at the person who engaged her in confrontation:

“Who are you? What the f*** are you talking about?”

That’s when other subway commuters join the confrontation. A woman, who is not pictured on camera, says: “You’re abusing that animal.”

She disagrees – probably because this is how she treats the tiny dog every day of its life.

Another passenger then says, “She’s biting his tail. She’s hitting him.”

Eventually, a passenger who is outraged by the behavior approaches a Toronto Transit worker and reports the woman’s deplorable behavior.

Eventually, she gets escorted off the plane. The YouTube video has been watched hundreds of thousands of times. People are outraged to see that this woman has seemingly gotten away with animal abuse. They can’t believe that she was willing to do this in public with dozens of people around – what must she do to the poor dog when she has it home alone with her?

Some comments shared on the video include:

“She’s clearly amped up on some sort of meth!”

“Someone should take this dog from her, not sitting watching and recording. Stupid ppl.”

“absolutely it appears that way but it is no excuse. she shouldn’t be allowed to own a pet at this point in life. she’s unfit.”

“yes everyone save the dogs.”

“I feel so bad for the dog he/she was trying to get away.”

“The poor little doggo still wags it tail when she talks to it in the end. We don’t deserve dogs. This disgrace of a human must be punished severely for her actions stupid crack head”

One viewer says that the woman deserves help instead of insults.

“You can’t be angry at her. She is obviously suffering from some sort of mental health issues. Perhaps she is lonely or depressed. She may not think she is doing anything wrong. Please be more forgiving. Someone should have reached out to see if she wanted to talk and perhaps she wouldn’t have been so hard on the dog. We live in a society people, she’s a neighbor perhaps if she had more friends she wouldn’t behave like this. Help, don’t abandon her, please.”

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