Lady Has Warning After Something Most Do Everyday With Their Phones Causes Severe Burns

Updated May 15, 2017

When an Australian woman fell asleep next to her iPhone, she didn’t think twice about it. But when she suddenly felt a burning sensation on her arm, she was jarred out of sleep. She came to and discovered that she had been burned by the popular phone.

While watching a movie on her iPhone, Melanie Tan Pelaez couldn’t stay awake. Her phone was charging so the movie kept playing. Minutes later, she felt the burning and tingling sensation on her arm. The threw the device off her body and ran to the mirror.

That’s when she saw that the iPhone and charger cord had scorched their marks into her flesh. These burns cars may never completely heal…

The incident occurred at the end of 2016, when Pelaez, 34, first purchased her new iPhone 7.

She shared a shocking image of the burn mark on Facebook along with the following words:

“I recently purchased an #Apple #iPhone7 and accidentally fell asleep with my arm on my phone whilst it was charging. I was woken up by sudden pain, pins and needles, numbness and shortness of breath.

“This is a picture of the result of sleeping with my phone whilst charging. PLEASE be careful…

“I have been an iPhone user since the beginning and have never had an issue or concern, so it’s really scary and disappointing that something like this happened and can happen to someone else.”

The burns are very serious and will require treatment.

We all knew that the Samsung Galaxy phones were dangerous. But now evidence proves that Apple iPhone are just as dangerous – and they hurt you while you’re sleeping.

Are any phones safe today? Or are they all ticking bombs ready to burn or explode on you?

“I went to get dressed and realized my arm was very red, so I then went to the (doctor) and they advised me I needed to go straight to the hospital,” she said.

When she visited the doctor, Pelaez learned that the “superficial burns” on her upper arm could heal in time.

Since the burning incident, the iPhone was sent to a California technician. Apple has failed to comment on the issue yet.

Meanwhile, Pelaez considers her burns to be serious. She has already scheduled a consultation with a plastic surgeon because she does not want to walk around with burns from an iPhone 7 on her arm for the rest of her life. But it seems like Apple has branded her with its device.

In response, people logged onto Facebook to share their sympathy with Pelaez.

Frankie Oconnor-younv wrote, “You poor thing. Its looks very painful and having skin grafts is a long process. Id send any bilks to the phone company and if there are any lost wages or expenses, id be throws those at the too. Please take care of it and i hope it heals as much as possible in a quick as possible time. Thanks for letting us all know.”

Should Apple pay for this woman’s medical treatment?

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