Lady In Wheelchair Approaches Building Without A Ramp, Then Man Hits A Button

Updated October 2, 2017

More than 2.2 million Americans use a wheelchair to get around every day. And the rest of us who walk about on our own two legs, we take for granted being able to maneuver up and down stairs. In older buildings that were erected before laws were instituted to accommodate those in wheelchairs, people struggle to get around. It  can be difficult to do common things like grocery shop or take children to school. And it can also be humiliating to navigate entrances that were not built to accommodate wheelchairs. Others might simply be impossible. But one ingenious invention has given people bound to wheelchairs a new way to get up the stairs. And in the video below, you’ll see just how effective it is.

AllGood Trio has invented a way to help people confined to wheelchair navigate stairs in all sorts of environments. While ramps have been installed in some buildings, many of the 2.2. million Americans in wheelchairs still struggle to come and go from some buildings. And it isn’t fair that they’re not able to access these places.

Now “Sesame Stairs” offers people a solution that allows people in wheel chairs to access the same entrances as the rest of the crowd. With the press of just one button, these moveable stairs reveal a hydraulic platform that gives people in wheelchairs a chance to be lifted up the flight of stairs to their destination.

Because millions of people need a wheelchair to get around, the Sesame Stairs help everyone get where they are going. Whether a person is a veteran who was injured in combat or someone born without the ability to walk, this modification to stairs should be applied everywhere around the world.

The Sesame Stairs can help old buildings accommodate the legalities of the Equality Act without changing the way they look. That means old, beautiful structures don’t need an unsightly ramp added to their marble stairs. They just need to install a Sesame Stair and let it do all the heavy lifting. No more de-beautifying the facades of these famous landmarks and historic buildings.

Sesame Stairs are designed to be safe and seamlessly blend in with the building’s façade. Just push a button and the hydraulic lift gets to work.

Watch the video below to see AllGood Trio’s masterpiece go to work.

According to the video description, “Technologically advanced, the Sesame system from Allgood Trio is tailored to each individual entrance and supplied and installed by our team of engineers. The secret to the system is the way that the retractable stair lift platform is installed beneath the existing stairs, utilising the stairs in the process.”

Viewers love it too. Here are just some of the most popular comments shared about the Sesame Stairs.

Others think it still needs some work.

“Too expensive idea. There are developments toward making wheelchairs able to go up on stairs. It is way more cost-efficient to make the government support that few people to have stair-riding wheelchairs than build lifts into every single building.”

“Don’t place the button to call the chair-lift at a place where the chair user can access it. No. It’s very important that she still rely on able-bodied people to help her.”

What do you think about this ground-breaking invention?