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Lady Rescues Dog On The Brink Of Death, Days Later She Realizes It’s Not A Dog At All

I don’t know about you but every time I see a stray dog walking the streets alone, my heart yearns to help them. The poor animals look hungry, lonely and scared all in one. While I have never invited a stray dog into my home (I have taken in a stray cat and albino rabbit), I have called animal rescue services to come pick them up. Hope For Paws in Los Angeles is one of the greatest organization filming their adventures in dog rescue.

But this woman who also lives in California, had a big enough heart to invite the stray canine in after finding it. Her heart broke at the sight of the abandoned, malnourished and dying animal. It just showed up on Sharon’s doorstep and she knew she had to help the homeless dog. She brought it into her home, fed it and nursed it back to help. But the “dog” quickly became something much different than she had thought.

After finding the animal hiding behind a ceramic urn in her yard, Sharon got it into a metal cage before calling the local animal rescue group.

She knew just by looking at it, that this animal needed more help than she was able to provide from her humble home.

The rescue workers from Folsom animal services arrived as soon as they were called. But after they took one look at the malnourished animal, they told Sharon a surprising fact – this was not a stray dog. It was a coyote.

Sharon was shocked to learn that the animal she had rescued was not a dog.

If she had known it was a female coyote from the start, she might not have had the courage to rescue it. Fortunately, her big heart overpowered her caution. If it wasn’t for her, the coyote probably wouldn’t have made it.

Because the coyote was in such terrible condition, it was hard to tell that it was a coyote. No wonder Sharon thought the coyote was a dog. It had been in such bad shape!

Because the animal rescue group realized it was a wild coyote, they contacted a group that specialized in wildlife.

When the poor coyote got into the right hands, she was transferred to a suitable animal shelter and named Princess.

With plenty of food and a lot of space to run, Princess started to recover. She began to heal from her mange and also joined the group of coyotes at the shelter. Her health was on the mend and she was making friends.

Thankfully Sharon was kind enough to open her heart up to a wild animal. If she had known that the canine was a coyote, she might not have done it. But in my experience people like Sharon always want to do the right thing. They want to help all of God’s creatures survive and thrive.

Would you have had the courage to help the coyote? Or would you have been afraid the wild animal was too dangerous?