Lady Stops Punk From Abusing Neighbor’s Dog, Devastated When Cops Show Up To Arrest Her

Updated May 17, 2017

When an Arkansas woman noticed someone sexually assaulting her neighbor’s dog, the angry woman fired a warning shot in the air to stop the perpetrator from continuing the heinous act of animal abuse. But apparently in Centertron, Arkansas, gun laws are not in favor of Good Samaritans. She was arrested and charged with felony assault because she decided to harmlessly use her firearm to fire a warning shot to stop the perpetrator from the disgusting act of animal abuse.

Now Kerrie Lenkerd, 40, is outraged to know that in the state of Arkansas, heroes are not rewarded but punished. When she saw a teenager from outside her window, he was in his underwear and sexually assaulting her neighbor’s dog. Not only was Lenkerd disgusted to the point of vomiting, she was horrified. This teenager was clearly deranged and needed to be stopped. So, she did the only thing that she could think of to put this crime to bed…

Because this was not the first time she had witnessed this boy sexually assaulting the dog, she had had enough. If her neighbor wasn’t going to do anything to stop this criminal act of animal abuse, she was going to stand up for the rights of animal and stop the teen in his tracks. Lenkerd grabbed her legal gun from her safe and approached the criminal while he was in the act of torturing the canine.

Lenkerd ordered the teen to get on the ground. But once he realized that she was not a police officer, he scoffed and refused to comply with her command. The teen bolted from the scene wearing nothing but his boxers.

Infuriated that this punk was going to escape justice again, Lenkerd fired a warning shot directly into the ground. It worked. The teen was spooked. As he ran, he left behind his clothes and his iPad that he was using to enhance his sexual experience with her neighbor’s dog.

Neighbors threw Lenkerd under the bus. They told police that they heard the gunshot and saw the teen running from the scene. When the cops asked the teen what happened, he told Lenkerd pointed a gun at him and ordered him to surrender. He told police he ran from her because she was not a cop. Then about 5-10 seconds after he leaped over the fence – he claims – Lenkerd fired the warning shot intentionally into the dirt.

When the boy got home, he changed his clothes and then lied to his mother about what happened. His mother had no idea that he had a habit of sexually assaulting the dog.

Lenkerd was arrested and booked at the Benton County Detention Center. She was placed on a $5,000 bond. It is unclear why the police arrested Lenkerd and charged her with a felony while the abusive teen is still free to abuse animals. When he gets bored with that, he might graduate to human victims. Any future assaults are on the Centertron, Arkansas police department for not arresting the depraved teen.

Do you think the woman should have been arrested or the Arkansas teen who was sexually assaulting the dog?

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