Lady Thinks She’s Entitled To Abuse Border Patrol, Gets What’s Coming To Her (video)

Updated October 3, 2017

The political atmosphere in America is tense right now. And although Hillary Clinton lost the election all those months ago, liberals are still whining and griping about the way things went. Most still resist President Trump and what he stands for. Instead of uniting and working together as a country, the liberals have separated themselves from that idea of teamwork and are making life hard for everyone. And one San Diego teacher just showed the world how bad things are when she had an encounter with American border control at the New Mexico-Mexico border. When border patrol asked her one question, she flipped her lid and captured her outburst on camera. Check it out now.

Shane Parmely is a mother and middle school teacher who lives and works in San Diego, California. By the looks of her, you’d never think she’d be the kind of person to resist border security at the Mexican checkpoint. But after Border Patrol agents simply asked her if she was an American citizen, she began what would become a very tense confrontation with the law enforcement officers.

She simply refused to tell Border Patrol if she was a citizen of the United States or not.

“As the back-and-forth began,” Parmely says on the video, “I’m passing (on) a federally-funded highway, driving, minding my own business. And I get pulled over and asked if I’m a citizen.”

At that point, Parmely turns around and tells someone in the back seat, “I’m not answering.”

Instead of being agreeable with the border patrol agents, Parmely wants to make things difficult. She could have simply answered in the affirmative for the yes/no question. Instead, she chose to make things tough on everybody involved, including the bystander in the backseat of her car.

She turns to the agent and says, “You can ask me. I don’t have to answer.”

Meanwhile, Parmely’s family records the long interaction. They then post it onto her Facebook page

At one point the officer holds out a card that supposedly lists immigration law to prove to her his need to ask this basic question.

Parmely gets to the point, “Am I free to go, or are you detaining me?”

The agent must do his job: “You are being detained, ma’am.”

Parmely resisted the border security because she has seen it affect other people in her life. For example, Grett Rodriguez, Parmely’s friend, goes through the border and gets asked more questions than Parmely does.

Rodriguez, later told KFMB, “(Shane’s) kids don’t go through any of that. And so every time we go, my kids get aggressively interrogated [because they look Latino].  And so they’ve learned to deal with it.”

Parmely claimed to not answer the question because she was showing solidarity with her friends. She claims their little children have been interrogated by Border Patrol agents because of the way they look. While Parmely is a blonde woman and her kids are Caucasian, they usually do not get questioned much.

“It’s horrifying to hear what has happened to my friends’ kids, who are just brown,” she said.

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