Lady Wakes Up With Letters Written On Her Leg, Realizes What Happened

Updated October 5, 2017

If you’re thinking of applying a fake tanning product, take note. You may want to clear your calendar and give things time to settle on your skin.

Before hitting the gym, Twitter user Eve rubbed tanning lotion on her legs and popped on her Adidas leggings. Turns out, she didn’t wait long enough for the tanner to set and she ended up with a pretty funny story to tell.

The Adidas brand name written down her pant leg transferred to her newly fake tanned leg, leaving her with Adidas stamped on her body. She posted a pic of the unfortunate situation on Twitter, writing: “that’s the last time a work out with tan on btw ahahah,” with another person sharing: “Omg that used to happen to me all the time!”

It turns out, she wasn’t alone, as others shared their similar stories, one even sporting the same Adidas mark on her leg.

The sportswear brand caught wind of the story and enjoyed a bit of free advertising. The Adidas account tweeted: “We’d say it’s fate. Way to rep the Three Stripes, Eve. We see you.”

Eve was happy the company took notice and asked: “soooo, does this mean i get free stuff?” Hey, you’ve got to ask. One commenter thought Adidas could throw something Eve’s way, tweeting: “Adidas needa pay you for being such a hardcore fan.”

One person commented: “This is why I don’t work out.” Uh-huh. Sure. Others shared their own tales of fake tanning and working out: “forgot to rinse my tan off when i woke up so now am in the gym absolutely stinking of fake tan brilliant” and “I’m wearing wash off fake tan and I just sweated a brown river under my boobs through my white gym top.”

The struggle is real.

One expert weighed in on the matter with this advice: “Girl you gotta wear loose clothing after getting a tan. I work in a tanning salon , loose clothes will literally be your best friend after.” She added: “Also totally not supposed to do any activity that could cause you to sweat as it’ll get rid of your tan.”

Someone else tried to find the silver lining, tweeting: “atleast you haven’t gotta worry about being unbranded if you wear shorts now.”

On The Sun’s Facebook page covering the story, one commenter noted: “Lmaooo funny. Also don’t get why lasses put fake tan and make up on to hit the gym like ya there to sweat not be a model,” while another remarked, “could be worse lol.”

This person wondered: “So pulling up her Lycra leggings on her legs didn’t smudge her tan at all…Pretty sure she wouldn’t have any tan left on after sweating either.”

Those commenting on Mamamia’s Facebook post about the story weighed in with notes such as: “Why would you wear tan before going to the gym” and “rookie error!”

Another person recalled a similar moment involving a fresh tan and a sad movie, writing: “remember when you got a tan and saw a sad movie right after ? Bahahahahahaha streak city!!”