Lady Who Calls Veteran Entitled Because He Gets Discount At McDonalds, Instantly Regrets It : AWM

Lady Who Calls Veteran Entitled Because He Gets Discount At McDonalds, Instantly Regrets It

Many restaurants around the country offer free or discounted meals to the men and woman who have served or are actively serving in the military. It is important to note that they sacrifice themselves to ensure that all Americans have freedom and protection of their rights. Free and discounted meals is just a small “thank you” offered by numerous establishments. One woman took issue with a veteran taking advantage of one restaurant’s kindness. This is unfortunate, but what happened to her after the veteran stood up for himself is something that people just need to see.

A young veteran was at a fast food restaurant just trying to grab a bite to eat. He asked them if they offered any discount for veterans. The employee did not even get a chance to respond before a woman in the restaurant exclaimed that his asking for a discount was rude.

The veteran could have just went off on the woman and created a scene, but instead he developed a sad look on his face and asked why she felt offended by his asking this.

She responded that all military think that they’re entitled because they spent time in the military. She further stated that all military members believe that they deserve such special privileges.

The veteran remained calm and explained to the woman that the only privilege that he wants is to get to come home after serving a tour. He further states that it is a discount and not a privilege. He said that it is a privilege for her to go home to her family every night to be able to live in a country that is free. He said that some people give up such privileges so that people like this woman can have them. He then concluded saying that he is sorry that he offended her.

It is easy to say that this veteran’s response was both epic and respectful. He certainly dropped some truth on this woman. Once the veteran was done respectfully responding to the woman, she just left and did not say anything further to him or anyone else. However, another person who was in line and saw the incident unfold decided that they were going to pay for the veteran’s meal entirely.

The manager of the restaurant also decided that the veteran was not going to pay a dime to enjoy a meal.

Footage of the incident was posted on line for everyone to see. Pretty much everyone who responded to the post were defending the veteran and thanking him for the sacrifice that he made to the country. Other veterans also responded and stated that they do not feel entitled to any special discounts or treatment. They stated that they would graciously accept them, however, because they are proud of their country.

This woman never stated why she feels the way that she does. I am sure everyone who witnessed the incident both in person and on video do not much care about why she decided to lash out at an American hero.