Lady Who Sent Death Threats To Parents Of Child Killed In Sandy Hook Shooting Learns Bad News

Updated June 14, 2017

On the Morning of December 14, 2012, a young man walked into the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and started shooting. Before the rampage was over, 20 children were fatally shot as well as six school employees. Now, a woman who claimed the entire incident was a hoax is heading to prison after pleading guilty to charges of harassing the parents of one of the children.

Fifty seven year old Lucy Richards of Brandon Florida has been sentenced to five months in jail, five months of home detention, and three years of probation after pleading guilty to sending threatening messages to the family of a child murdered in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

US District Judge James Cohn called Richards’ behavior “disturbing,” saying “I’m sure he wishes this was false and he could embrace Noah, hear Noah’s heartbeat and hear Noah say ‘I love you, Dad’. Your words were cruel and insensitive. This is reality and there is no fiction. There are no alternative facts.”

He went on to add that no one should cite an easily disprovable conspiracy theory or believe that the shooting of 26 people was a hoax.

Richards was convicted of interstate transmitting of a threat to injure for emails that she sent to Lenny Pozner, whose son, Noah, was one of twenty children murdered by a gunman on that tragic day.

In emails she sent to Pozner, she wrote “you gonna die, death is coming to you real soon” and “LOOK BEHIND YOU, IT IS DEATH.”

Police say that Richards sent voicemails and email threats to Pozner on January 10, 2016. They contend that those communications were triggered after Richards visited conspiracy theory websites like that claim that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a hoax designed to take away American citizens’ Second Amendment right to own firearms.

According to court records, Richards has a history of mental health issues, including agoraphobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and anxiety.

Seated in a wheelchair at the sentencing, Richards made a statement apologizing for her actions against Pozner, saying “I don’t know where my heart and head were that day, but they were not in the right place. It was the worst mistake of my life and I am truly sorry.”

Many of the parents, teachers, and first responders who were a part of this tragic event have faced similar harassment from far right activists who claim that the entire affair was a hoax perpetrated by President Obama in an effort to take away US citizens’ guns.

Richards’ public defender, Robert Berube said that he has received many calls from people around the country who incorrectly think the event did not happen, saying “There were many people who told me it never took place.”

On December 14, 2012, twenty year old Adam Lanza shot and killed his mother, and then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School, where he murdered twenty first and second graders, and shot six adult teachers, before turning his gun on himself and committing suicide.

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