Lion Is Ready To Cross The River When He Spots Creature That Has Him Running For His Life

Updated November 15, 2016

The African landscape is one of the harshest environments in the entire world. Besides the heat and arid summers, parts of Africa include some of the most dangerous and violent predators and animals on the planet. You have lions, leopards, hyenas, hippos, elephants, not to mention poisonous snakes and reptiles.

But not only do the animals have to worry about getting eaten for dinner, they have to navigate the extreme landscape in order to live. And recently, Kruger Sightings captured an extreme moment on film that depicts the struggle animals have to go through in order to survive the wilderness of the African Serengeti.

And as you’ll see, even lions, the supposed kings of the jungle, get terrified from time to time…

In the clip below, you’ll see a lion approach the edge of a fast-flowing river. The big cat needs to get across and after a quick assessment sets out swimming.

But within seconds of jumping into the water, a crocodile comes out of hiding and starts chasing after the lion…

Watch as the crocodile gets closer and closer. And when it is just inches away, it chomps on the large lion and drags him underwater…

We think everything is done for the majestic cat, but a few seconds later the lion emerges from the river and leaps to safety. Miraculous!

Because of the nature of the African landscape, lion and crocodile encounters are not that rare, Karell Africa reports.

Lions often grow to be about 6 feet long and weigh over 400 pounds, crocodiles can reach 16-feet long and weight more than 500 pounds.

Besides just being larger, crocodiles also have the advantage of camouflage in the water. And lions can’t live without water.  Crocodiles have the power and size to seriously injure or kill a lion.

Watch the clip to see the incident for yourself. At the 6-second mark, the lion starts swimming across the river.

2-seconds later, the crocodile pops its head above the water’s surface and starts trailing after the swimming lion.

The woman filming the video cannot believe what is happening right before her eyes. She shouts out and reacts as the crocodile goes in for a killing bite.

But seconds later, the lion emerges from the water and starts leaping full speed to the other end of the shore.

Although the lion has escape from the first crocodile, a second large reptile appears in the water at the 26-second mark making the lion’s escape even more important. The big cat might not be so lucky if it has to face another encounter with the croc.

The amazing video has been viewed more than 11 million times on YouTube and has attracted more than 1,800 comments including:

“Big cats are muscular and agile, too hard get a hold of!”

“This croc is a juvenile, or this lion would have been lunch. I’d give the croc a few more yrs, with a little more experience, and he won’t lose his lunch ever again. ”

“This is obviously a boy….a REAL male lion would have dragged that Croc home, tuck a napkin into his dinner shirt and thank the river for this easy meal.”

Who would win in a fight to the death: the lion or the crocodile?