Little Boy Has Rib-Tickling Reaction To Finding Out What’s Growing Inside Mommy’s Belly

Updated June 13, 2017

“I don’t want a sister,” the little boy shouts through tears at his loving mother. Because the little boy always thought he would have a brother, he does not approve that mom is pregnant with a baby girl. While the one boy is outraged that mom is introducing a girl into the family – as if she had a choice in the matter – his more mature brother is delighted they’ll be having a little sister. In the video, you’ll watch as the one child throws a tantrum because he isn’t happy with the announcement. This is a funny clip you’re going to enjoy!

Mom had an ingenious way of telling her three boys what the sex of their new sibling was to be. She wanted it to be fun for her little boys. Because getting another sibling can be difficult for older children, mom wanted to make the announcement as fun and lighthearted as possible. It worked for one boy, but the other descended into an entitled tantrum.

Her unique way of announcing the sex of the new baby was with cupcakes. She set out more than a dozen cupcakes and asked her boys to rifle through them looking for the colored one.

The boys had to crush the cupcakes and discover the one with either the blue or pink filling. As you can guess, a blue cupcake meant they were welcoming a boy into their family, and if it was pink, it’d be a girl.

Their mother asks the boys if they’d prefer a girl or a boy. Because they’ve known only boys up to this point, they would prefer to have a girl. But one of the little boys is more attached to that future than the other.

The cake smashing begins. Then Liam uncovers the cake that is loaded with the pink filling. Liam jumps for joy because he is happy about getting a new sibling. But Andy is outraged. He cannot hide his disappointment and screams, “No!”

Then Andy shouts, “I don’t want a sister.”

His mother is hurt. She tries to convince the boy that his feelings are wrong, “But you will love her.”

Andy disagrees. He has no hope that the little girl will bring joy into his life: “I won’t.”

Then the boy throws his tantrum and continues smashing the cakes and crying. He keeps saying how he doesn’t want a sister.

The family lives in Williamstown, Kentucky and the clip was filmed at the end of May.

Some Daily Mail readers were shocked that the boys just “wasted” the cupcakes:

“Why are they wasting the cupcakes and just pounding on them like wackamole? Then the older kid starts picking up cupcakes and licking em once!!! WTH?? I think she has too many kids on her hands already!!!”

“Baby is the most sensible one in that family – he’s having none of the foolery, just quietly eating his cake ignoring the commotion.”

Press play and watch the family video now. Does this clip make you laugh?

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