Little Girl Stops Short Next To A City Drain, Mom Quickly Hits Record When She Realizes Why

Updated September 11, 2017

It was a beautiful end-of-summer day and a little two-year-old girl and her mother were walking the dogs along the sidewalk. Then the little girl suddenly stops. She cranes her ear to better hear because something is speaking to her from down the city drain. Just like in Stephen King’s “IT” a voice is calling to the young child from down in the drain. And she trusts it. Although the parent cannot hear the “guys” that are down in the city drain. The girl stops and then begins a conversation with the creepy entity that is trying to convince her to do something. And mom caught the terrifying interaction on camera and shared it online.

The little two year old girl, Sahtaysha was caught on camera crouching down near the city drain and speaking to the “guys” that she heard down there. Stupefied, mom took out her camera and caught the horror film for everyone to see.

At first mom Joy Zylstra thought it was funny. But then in light of the remake fo the Stephen King movie, “IT,” Joy asked if the little girl was speaking to “IT”- the deadly entity that eats children.

Sahtaysha simply replied “yeah” because she was speaking to the evil being. And because Joy is afraid of clowns, she urged her daughter to leave the drain behind and rush to safety. But the girl wanted to keep talking to the “guys” down the drain because she was having fun – even though her life might have been on the line.

Joy Zylstra, from Alberta, Canada said: “We were taking the dog for a walk when she stopped, bent down and started talking to the drains.

“She said ‘Hi guys!’ down to the sewer and it immediately reminded me of Pennywise and the Stephen King move ‘IT’. She kept on asking me if she could go down there and see them, but she wasn’t allowed to. Once she had got up I had a look down the drain and no one was in there, not even workers, just rubbish and water. We then left the sewer, but on the way to my husband’s Grandma’s house she stopped again at the next drain. I’m a big Stephen King fan, but that was too creepy for me!”

The response on the internet has been mixed. Some people wonder if this is a PR campaign paid for by Stephen King and the movie executives launching the remake of “IT” this weekend. Here were some comments shared on Mirror.

“It just happens that IT comes out today. How much did the film’s promotion team pay you to publish this nonsense?”

“Either this story is total cackle as a way to promote the movie.  or we have a negligent Mother teaching her child who “IT” is and where IT dwells.”

“Seriously? A child has an imagination? It makes the paper?”

Others were simply worried for the girl’s safety.

“the gaps in the drain are massive”

“Letting the kid watch “scary” movies at that age?”

“hope she is not watching stephen king at her age bless her”

“Don’t let your child watch horror movies then they have very good imaginations at that age.”

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