Local Cops Warn If You See Woman Pictured Dial 911 Right Away For What She Does With Baby

Updated December 6, 2016

It takes a special kind of deplorable to use an infant as a tool in a theft, but we just found out about two Arizona women who are doing just that.

Two women have been caught on surveillance cameras at a number of crossfit gyms in Arizona, using their babies as decoys and distractions to commit petty theft. You are not going to believe the gall of these two unscrupulous ladies until you watch this video.

Speaking with a local news outlet, Nathan Zigler, the owner of Copperhead Crossfit said that the women in question came into his business just last week, asking for information on classes the gym offered.

The video shows one of the women sitting down near a man while holding her baby. Without missing a beat, she slips the unwary man’s cell phone out from under his nose, and then tucks it in between the infant and herself, before standing up and walking away.

Zigler says “I couldn’t believe that someone had the gall to sit there with someone, not even a foot from her, as she takes the phone, holding a baby.”

Number of Crossfit locations in the area have now discovered that they have been hit as well.

In the police report that was filed, the two women have been described as African American, of average height and weight, and between mid twenties and thirties. They have also requested that anyone with information about the two women please call the Phoenix Police Department.

Of course, this kind of petty crime is both shocking and all too common, even in other countries.

Law enforcement authorities in Zhejiang province, China, just nabbed a man for stealing a huge array of merchandise from a factory where he worked as the night security officer.

The suspect, known only as Gu, was taken into custody after being pulled over for a traffic stop. He was carrying two brand new suitcases on his electric bike, which struck the police as suspicious, and was briefly interrogated. During the interview, the man admitted that the suitcases had been stolen. When the police followed up with a search of the man’s home, they found a stunning amount of stolen goods that he had been pilfering from the factory he worked at since June.

Along with the two suitcases, the police recovered three drawers of meat, hundreds of bars of soap, boxes of tissue paper, and bottles of household cleaners, and strangest of all, more than on thousand eggs, each dated in maker so he would know when to eat them by.

We don’t know what kind of factory processes raw agricultural products, manufactures cleaning chemicals, and assembles luggage simultaneously, but this story is not about the outsourcing of industry to China, it is about a classic pilfering scam.

Have you ever seen such a bad example of a mother? Do you know someone who has used their child to commit a crime? Share your thoughts, stories, and opinions with us here in the comments section.