Luckily He Has A Trained Eye, Spots Baby Facing Certain Death. Leads To Heroic Rescue [video]

Updated March 16, 2017

Some people are born to work with animals. They strive to better the natural environment for the many species who roam the world, and they will do almost anything to rescue an animal in need. These are usually the folks who become veterinarians, marine biologists and zoologists. We are lucky to have these people and often times they simply don’t get enough credit for their acts of compassion.

When a baby hippo, by the name of Humpty was abandoned by her mama, she had troubles surviving on her own and found herself stuck in some thick mud. When she was discovered by the workers at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, she was dehydrated, sunburned and had major trouble making the simplest of movement.

The video chronicles the rescuers’ adventure from start to finish. They gather the supplies they know that they will need to save the hippo and set out via helicopter to go in for the rescue. When they arrive on the scene, Humpty is clearly distraught, pacing back and forth in the mud and making noises of distress. There seem to be a bunch of fish that have accumulated in the mud pile with her and she keeps passing through them.

Once they capture the hippo in a net, they calm her down and rinse her off before they gather her in a blanket, which they secure to the helicopter. When they get her back to the Wildlife Trust, they go to work cleaning her off. And she doesn’t seem all that upset about getting cleaned up, as she stands there and takes the fresh water in. It’s hard to believe that her mother could abandon him at such a young age. They follow up the rescue by giving her a lot of much-needed attention including a swimming pool, milk and lots of loving pets. Humpty is so young that she looks like she is learning to walk for the first time, as she stumbles a bit when she’s walking from one place to the next.

The rescuers go right to work when they see the troubled hippo and release a net to capture her. Now, one thing to keep in mind here is the fact that hippos, while they are extremely cute, can be very dangerous. They are known for their rampant aggression and have been categorized as the most aggressive animal in the world. If you don’t believe us, then have a chat with another dangerous animal such as a crocodile or an alligator, because even they won’t come within the vicinity of a hippo. Because the croc and gator share the same type of water as the hippo, they are especially threatened, because the hippo doesn’t hold back on making it clear that the area belongs to him.

The word “hippo” stems from the ancient Greeks, and means “River Horse.” If you’ve ever seen a hippo, you’ve had the chance to witness its barrel-shaped torso that it is so well known for.