Luckily She Was Recording With Her Cell Phone, Now Pay Attention Closely To The Dark Sky

Updated April 19, 2017

There are some things in life that take us by complete surprise. Maybe it’s being snuck up on that gets your heart rate up or maybe it’s seeing a pesky rodent or reptile. We all have our things. But, it’s pretty safe to say that there are some things that tend to put each and every one of us on high alert. One of those things that is shocking to us all is seeing foreign objects shoot across the sky. And this is mostly due to our fear of the unknown in that big vast sky above us. We’ve all heard of UFO sighting and random moments where the sky is lit up for no apparent reason. These incidents usually spark even more curiosity in those who are already on a mission to discover the unknown.

When one woman was in the middle of an evening video chat, she got the fright of a lifetime. As she is starting to record what appears to be some type of video blog, a big bright green and white light flashes behind her in the distance, and she is completely thrown into a panic. She jumps and turns at the same time. “Did you guys see that?” she asks her viewers as she gasps for air and places both hands on her chest. The only words that seem to be able to escape her lips are “Did you guys see that?” as she repeats the question several times.

According to the video blogger, Faye Heddings, the light had had zigzaggy orange flames coming off of it as it scooted by. Then it turned green and disappeared.

“I couldn’t believe the enormity of it,” said Heddings.

There were others sightings in the southern California area including San Deigo, Palm Springs, Hesperia, and other Southland cities. Lynne Thompson from San Juan Capistrano was one of the other witnesses who reported seeing the flash of light around the same time.

Around the time of Heddings sighting, the following comments were posted on social media…

“Just saw a huge meteor for Northwest Phoenix toward California! Huge!”

“I saw it too! OMG. I was driving when it came down!”

“My boyfriend and I saw it too while driving. Explains why the power went out in some areas.”

“Crazy. Totally freaked me out.”

With such accessible technology nowadays, we were able to witness these sightings while Heddings was conducting a video chat and lucky for her, she doesn’t look like a fool accused of making the rare sighting up. Years ago, before the boom of cell phone cameras and social media, people didn’t have proof if they saw anything out of the norm and they were laughed at or accused of lying. And now, all these people who witnessed the light can bond over what they saw and hopefully come to a definitive answer about what it actually was. We are able to share so many more life events due to the neverending connectivity of social media and cellular service.