Luckily They Had A Camera Rolling, Otherwise Everyone Would Had Said Fishermen Were Lying

Updated September 6, 2017

Millions of people head out to the water to go fishing every year. Some people like to go down to the local pond or lake and cast a line into it and hope to reel in a bass. Others enjoy wading through rivers and other shallow waterways hoping to find something a little more challenge. And other fishermen enjoying hopping into a boat and going out into the ocean to find the biggest fish in the sea. This can be fun but you never really know what you’re going to haul up from the ocean depths. But these two elderly fishermen discovered that while there may be plenty of fish in the sea, what’s beneath the surface is actually a mystery just waiting to be explored. However, this mystery ends up being a nightmare from the depths. And after seeing it, they wished they had never brought it up from the bottom of the ocean…

While fishing in Cape Cod Bay, these elderly gents thought they were safe on their boat. Because the Atlantic Ocean, especially around Massachusetts, is not known for its vicious predators or shark population, they didn’t think they had anything to worry about putting their hands in the water. It wasn’t like they were in the Caribbean or Pacific where sharks freely roam. There was no reason for them to worry that their lives might be in danger. Why should they? Plus, they were safe on a boat with their buddies.

Because they had been to Cape Cod Bay before, these men thought it was going to be the same kind of fishing as last year. It was a great time with great friends.

But as the video will show you, these men had no idea what was under the surface of the sea. Talk about a living nightmare. I wouldn’t want to go fishing ever again if I had this kind of experience. Good thing no one had a heart attack!

Nevertheless, these senior citizens waited and waited until something caught on their line. They had been fishing all their lives and were good at waiting. They knew that the patient fisherman catches the big fish.

Then it happened. Something caught on the line. The elderly gentleman then worked hard to reel it in. It was no small fish.

When he got his “good catch” close enough to the boat, the deckhand reached over the side of the boat to grab it. But he quickly pulled his hand back in and stepped back from the edge. He knew this was not normal.

The ocean water was frothing and turning white. Something huge was about to emerge and give them all a fright.

But the creature in the water was not afraid to share its true intentions. It wanted the man’s prized catch.

Watch the video and you’ll see a giant great white shark leap out of the water and nearly take the fishermen down into the depths. Now these men realize that no ocean water is safe.

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