Major Recall After Worst Nightmare Found Inside Popular Prepackaged Salad [video]

Updated April 20, 2017

As if it wasn’t hard enough to convince yourself to eat salad, now you’re going to have to search through you Fresh Express bags of greens for dead mammals…

After two customers came in contact with a bag of Fresh Express salad mix, they have been advised to receive post-exposure rabies treatment. Why? Because the Florida customer found a dead bat in one of the bags of salad mix.

Since the report, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has gotten involved and the manufacturer has complied fully, issuing a recall for their popular products.

To make matters worse, the bat was found in the Fresh Express Organic Marketside Spring Mix. The company is going to lose a lot of money over this huge mistake…

After the Florida resident realized that Fresh Express had sold them a dead bat, they sent the corpse of the flying mammal to the CDC headquarters in Atlanta.

“The deteriorated condition of the bat did not allow for CDC to definitively rule out whether this bat had rabies,” the Atlanta-based agency said.

Although it sounds terrifying, the CDC claims that the risk of the bat transmitting rabies is extremely low – but it is not zero. There is a chance that the dead bat had carried rabies and spread it to the people who ate the Fresh Express salad.

Because Fresh Express does not trust their product after this mistake, they have issued a recall of all their products sold at Walmart stores in:

-North Carolina
-South Carolina

The recalled salad mix products have a production code G089B19. The best-if-used-by date is April 14, 2017.

If you live in any of those eight states and shop at Walmart, check your refrigerator today to see if you have a contaminated bag of salad mix.

“The recall was necessitated when Fresh Express was notified that extraneous animal matter was allegedly found in a single container of the salad. Out of an abundance of caution, all salads manufactured in the same production run are being recalled,” wrote the CDC.

Want to be absolutely sure that your bag of salad mix is safe to eat? Check the UPC code. If it is 6 8113132897 5, throw it away now or return it to your local Walmart for a full refund.

“Upon receiving notification, both Walmart and Fresh Express food safety and rapid response teams, in close coordination with regulatory authorities, acted immediately to review all relevant records, launch an intensive investigation and initiate product removal and recall procedures,” Fresh Express said.

Fortunately, no more reports of deceased animal matter has been found in Fresh Express’s bags of high-cost organic produce. The recall is only to make sure that no one else has to deal with a potential rabies threat.

The Florida Department of Health, US Food and Drug Administration and CDC are part of the investigation into the dead bat.

Do you shop at Walmart? Do you think you bought this recalled product?

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