Man Arrested For Vile Crime, But Shouldn’t Be A Surprise After Seeing Tattoo He Has On Forehead

Updated October 19, 2017

As women come forward on social media to reveal their before untold history of sexual assault and misconduct, one man took it upon himself to continue the cycle of abuse. While near a university campus, he started groping at a woman who was not interested. But the woman easily identified the man who violated her because he had a perverted tattoo on his forehead. So when she was called into the police lineup to identify the crook, she pointed out the sex offender immediately. Although the incident occurred about a year ago, 37-year-old Christopher Wilson was caught just this past Friday. It goes to show you that police are cracking down on perpetrators of sexual crimes.

Wilson had groped the young woman near the University of Cincinnati college campus in Ohio. And it was easy for the victim to identify Wilson because he had a very unique tattoo plastered across his forehead. And unless he entered the police lineup in full makeup, she would never have missed him.

During the criminal act of violence, Wilson had allegedly kicked, punched, and the tackled his victim to the ground. And while she was submitted under his power, he groped her genitals.

The victim had no trouble identifying Wilson during the lineup in the Hamilton County Sherriff’s Office. And if this man had attacked you, you wouldn’t have forgotten him either because he had a very clear tattoo depicting his sexually violent intentions right there on his forehead.

The provocative and explicit tattoo in block type read:

“I’m a p*rnstar & I f*** teen s**ts.”

The tattoo clearly indicates that Wilson targets underage or barely legal girls for his sexual exploits. This makes sense why he was groping a young woman near a college campus.

Because the victim has asked for confidentiality, it is not clear if she was a teenager. But the fact that she was near the school indicates that she was indeed a young woman. Because Wilson might be targeting a specific demographic, his assault could be considered a hate crime if a district attorney has the gall to go through with those charges.

After beating her and forcing her to the ground, Wilson began “groping the victim in her private parts,” the court documents read.

Wilson has since been charged with sexual imposition and sexual assault. And if convicted, he is looking at a long stint in jail.

According to Ohio state law, sexual imposition occurs when someone’s “thigh, genitals, buttocks, pubic region, or (female) breasts” are touched and/or groped without the person’s consent.

Wilson was taken into the Hamilton County Justice Center on Saturday. On Monday he was arraigned in court.

As more and more women come forward to join the #MeToo social media trend, the country sees that sexual assault and sexism is a very serious problem. Because Harvey Weinstein was accused of rape by numerous women he had worked with throughout the years, more women are coming forward to speak out against their perpetrators. Now it is men’s turn to listen to these women and change the way women are treated.