Man Breaks Into And Squats Million Dollar Home. Says He Won’t Leave For 7 Years [video]

Updated November 14, 2016

There is a mansion in Boca Raton, Florida that is getting a lot of attention lately because of who lives there. No, it is not some reality television star or lip-syncing pop singer. It is a twenty-three year old Brazilian native. And he is not paying a mortgage or rent to do it, a fact that has a made lot of people angry.

Twenty-three year old Andre Barbosa moved in in September, after the house was abandoned by its previous owner. Thanks to a relatively obscure nineteenth century legal tradition, he is squatting on the property, and that is really ticking a bunch of people off.

Barbosa is using a legal maneuver called “Adverse Possession” to justify his occupation of the home. The previous owners were unable to keep up payments on the 2.3 million dollar mansion, and the bank foreclosed. That is when Barbosa made his move.

According to the legal concept, a person may rightfully take ownership of a disused property by occupying and maintaining it for seven years. Commonly referred to as “Squatter’s rights,” it is recognized in all fifty states. However, as with so many libertarian concepts, it is quickly losing favor in courts.

Barbosa even filed the correct paperwork with the courts, declaring both his intent and the foundation for his claim. But that does not sit well with his neighbors, many of whom have spent literally millions of dollars so they would not have to live near people like him. There is a fight to determine how to get Barbosa out of the house and out of their sightlines.

Barbosa has received a lot of support for his actions, with people saying things like:

“well if nobody is using it and he can live for free why is everyone getting so mad? they jealous.. if he ain’t making any trouble, then what’s the problem? they all mad cos they paid and they hating on him cos he didn’t have to pay.. Jealous.”- Salim M

“Would you prefer the man sleeping on the sidewalk or in jail while the house is rotting empty and vandalised just because the real estate gang ripped YOU off?”- Kocsis Janos

“Funny how the bastards complaining, are all guilty of receiving and unlawfully occupying stolen land and property from the indigenous people of this land. Why does everyone forget about this fact? And why should people who do their homework and know their history, continue to pay the price of homelessness just to make the pirates feel less guilty for their continuous theft. They have no right to say anything, as the Americas run from Maine down to Argentina, so in real law he is exercising his right as a true American ; as “Loki” simply ascends from South America. He is a real Native American. The comment “We paid a lot to live here” = We had to steal everything we have, what gives him the right to get a free house in his own land?”- Truecrimes

What do you think about what this man is doing? Does it seem fair to take a home no one lives in, or is he stealing? Share your ideas here.