Man Buys A Beat-Up Dresser For $100, Upon Examination Finds False Drawer With Hidden Treasure Trove

Updated July 11, 2017

It’s a dream come true for any antiques picker. Stumbling upon a hidden treasure worth more than the piece itself. While one man, Emil Knodell, 67, was scouring a garage sale in Bellville, Texas, an antique dresser caught his eye. While it was old and beat-up, something about it kept calling to him. He approached the seller about the marble-topped chest with a beautiful wood finish and learned that it was about 125-years old. When he heard that, Emil was sold. He asked how much the seller wanted. He tried to hide his excitement when the seller only asked for $100 because it wasn’t selling. He handed over a crisp bill and quickly got out of there before the seller changed their mind. But only later did he realize how much of a steal the antique chest really was.

Once he bought the antique, Emil popped it into his truck and brought it back home. He unloaded the large piece and began inspecting it more closely. He marveled at its gorgeous finish and ornate decorations. He then started moving the drawers and checking inside for the quality.

He tipped it over to look at the bottom. That’s when Emil heard something strange. The dresser was jangling – something metallic was inside. He gave it a shake. The sound was chaotic. It wasn’t SOMETHING but a lot of SOMETHINGS. With his friend’s help, Emil began looking for the source of the metallic clanging.

All the drawers were empty, so Emil realized in a flash that there must be a secret compartment. His instinct was right.

The secret compartment at the bottom of the antique chest was loaded with valuables. Emil was overcome when he saw the jewelry, diamonds, cash and old Civil War memorabilia. He had his the mother lode for any collector.

Emil is still reveling in his amazing find. He hasn’t had it appraised yet, but even a novice could estimate that it is worth a lot. This certainly is a treasure that any Civil War or military history junkie would be eager to obtain.

But Emil was not looking to get rich off his find. He wanted to do something charitable and generous instead. And now he’s using the treasure he discovered to make a difference in one person’s life.

Instead of cashing in and making away with the reward, Emil called the seller and told him about the treasure he had found. This old timer certainly has a lot of integrity.

The old man who was operating the estate sale told Emil that the dresser had once belonged to his grandparents. He had no idea that there was a secret drawer housing all their most valuable possessions. But it seems that he needed Emil to discover his family’s long-lost inheritance.

The seller is beyond grateful that Emil returned his family’s valuables to him. Hopefully, he gave Emil a piece or two as thanks and a keepsake for finding the amazing piece of history in the secret compartment.

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