Man Buys Crib From Couple Who Lost A Baby, Returns A Week Later Transformed Into A Gift For Them

Updated November 7, 2017

When it comes to getting pregnant, it is often an exciting time in a woman’s life. You plan for the birth of your baby and once you are ready to give birth, you cannot wait to meet the little girl or guy. For most people, the birth goes relatively smoothly and the end result is a bouncing baby that you cannot wait to take home and raise. However, there are times when things do not go as planned and this can be devastating to a new parent. For Valerie Watts, her birth resulted in devastation.

She was prepared for a new baby boy to get to know and love, but unfortunately, her child was stillborn. This is something most moms do not expect, so it comes as a major blow. All of the anticipation and planning that you put into your new baby dashes out the window.

After some time had passed, Watts chose to have a garage sale and she put some of her child’s items in the sale. It took a lot of courage to put his crib in the mix since it had to be hard to part with it.

A man named Gerald came to the garage sale and he and his wife purchased the crib. After buying the item, Gerald learned why Watts was selling it. He could not just keep the crib as is after hearing her heartbreaking story, so he went above and beyond to create something that Watts could use to remember her late child.

Gerald decided to take the crib and put his carpentry skills to work to transform it into something that Watts could start using elsewhere in her home. It is easy to say that she is sure to cherish this creation for the rest of her life.

One week after the garage sale, Gerald came back to Watts’ home to show her what he did with the crib. As soon as she saw the beautiful bench that as once her child’s crib, she reportedly started sobbing right away. Of course, these were tears of joy and she was incredibly grateful for what Gerald had done for her. This bench serves as a permanent reminder of her child. This is something that she did not have before he took the time to create this crib.

When you watch the video of her reaction, it is impossible to not start sobbing yourself. Her raw reaction caught the hearts of more than three million people on the internet because the video quickly went viral.

This story shows that there are still incredible people in the world. Gerald used his talents to take a very hard time and turn it into something wonderful for Watts. Just imagine what the world could be like if everyone took the time to help someone in this way. Watts will surely never forget Gerald’s actions and she will not have an item that she can look at every time she wants to think about her late child.