Man Calls 911 After Spotting a Bomb, Cops Show Up And Find Hilarious Mistake; Take Photo

Updated November 14, 2017

When an 81-year-old man went for a stroll in his backyard, he thought he discovered an unexploded bomb from World War II. Terrified that it would go kaboom in his yard, he called the police to have them investigate.

But when the authorities arrived to help the 81-year-old man, they were surprised. All they saw was a gigantic, dark green zucchini lying on the ground.

The vegetable was huge. It measured 16 inches long and weighed a shocking 11 pounds. And the police had to admit that it did resemble a bomb.

German officials admit that people do find leftover bombs and explosives from World War II. Often these are uncovered during construction projects.

When these bombs are uncovered, everyone in the blast area is evacuated. Then bomb experts come in to deactivate the explosive. But in the case of this zucchini, no one needed to come in to do anything once the vegetable was verified.

Police suspect that someone threw the bomb-shaped vegetable over the old man’s hedge as a prank.

Police officers shared the funny story with The Telegraph.

The elderly homeowner “excitedly rang Bretten police station and said that he had found a World War II bomb in his garden,” but “as it turned out to be a vegetable, the bomb disposal unit did not have to be called.”

When police arrived to check out the “bomb” on Friday, they quickly determined that “the object, which really did look very like a bomb,” was just a vegetable.

“The zucchini must have been thrown by an unknown person over the garden hedge of the ultimately relieved man, who took care of [its] disposal himself,” cops told The Telegraph.

It is unclear if the old man plans to put the zucchini to good use as part of his dinner or as part of a zucchini bread recipe.

Fox News readers contributed their thoughts about this unexploded “bomb.”

“Was that Anthony Wiener?” one viewer joked.

“Some people have way too much  time on their hands and need a better hobby.”

“An 11-pound zucchini?? More than likely caused by climate change which is a bit hard to swallow.”

One user was pretty harsh on the elderly gentleman, “Check your eyesight, old man.”

Another put that person in his place, “Hopefully, you’ll grow to be old one day!  Then you’ll know how it feels to be called ‘old man!’”

While the zucchini was hardly a bomb, some people discussed how it was big enough to cause some damage if it was dropped from a plane.

“True but with no guidance system would a very lucky hit. Unless you drop them in large volume which would increase your chances. Would not do much if any damage to brick or masonry buildings with exception to possible roof damage AND as a bonus is environmentally friendly and can be eaten after the fighting stops. Win-win.”

Do you think the zucchini looks like a bomb? What would you do if you thought you found an unexploded World War II bomb in your backyard?