Man Chooses To Go To Prison, Tells Cops “I’d Rather Be in Jail Than Live With My Wife”

Updated September 16, 2016

Most criminals do whatever it takes to evade being caught. Prison is the last place anyone wants to end up, and any time inside the joint is more than most can fathom.

However, when a Kansas City man was arrested for robbing a bank, he welcomed the prospect of going to prison as an alternative to the life he had waiting for him at home. When you hear this surprising story, you won’t believe why this man of crime turned himself in rather than go free.

According to a CBS affiliate news station: “A 70-year-old man accused of robbing a bank in Kansas told investigators he would rather be imprisoned than live with his wife. Court documents say Lawrence John Ripple gave a note to a bank teller in Kansas City on Friday, demanding cash and warning he had a gun. Ripple took the money and went to sit in the lobby where he told a guard he was the ‘guy he was looking for.’

“Officers arrived quickly. An FBI agent wrote in the affidavit that Ripple had earlier been arguing with his wife. He told investigators he wrote the note in front of his wife, telling her he would ‘rather be in jail than at home.’ Ripple was charged with bank robbery Tuesday. Online court records don’t list an attorney for Ripple.”

The story of Kansas City robber Lawrence John Ripple reminded us an anecdote from the infamous story of James “Whitey” Bulger, an Irish-American former organized crime boss of the Winter Hill Gang in Boston who was active from the 1970s until the mid-’90s. He was captured in 2011, and later found guilty of federal racketeering, extortion, conspiracy and 11 murders. The story in question involves one of his early arrests before becoming a major player in the Boston mob scene. reported: “Already in prison for armed robbery, Bulger was sent to the now-defunct federal prison on Alcatraz Island off San Francisco’s shoreline in November 1959 after allegedly planning a prison escape in Atlanta. He spent three years in Alcatraz before his eventual release in 1965.

“Shortly after Bulger’s 2011 capture, Alcatraz historian and author Michael Esslinger wrote to the imprisoned Bulger asking for details about his time in the notorious federal penitentiary.
Much to Esslinger’s surprise, Bulger wrote back extensively about his fond memories of his time in Alcatraz. Esslinger told CBS’ Bill Whitaker that Bulger wrote, “‘If I could choose my epitaph on my tombstone, it would be ‘I’d rather be in Alcatraz.’ ‘”

“Bulger apparently liked Alcatraz so much that he went back there as a tourist. There’s even a photo of a smiling Bulger with his then-girlfriend Teresa Stanley dressed in mock prison garb.”

What do you think of this story? Do you know someone who you’d rather go to prison than spend time with? Haha. What about the bank robbery story? Have you ever dreamed up a scheme to commit the perfect crime? Think you’ve got a way to outsmart the authorities? Share your brilliance with us here in the comments section.