Guy Sits Down On Plane And Quickly Spots Once-In-A-Lifetime Find, Goes Viral [video]

Updated May 15, 2017

Everyone in the world is believed to have a doppelganger, but it’s not often we come face to face with our “twin.”

That’s what makes this story so trippy.

In 2015, The U.K. Telegraph reported that two men who looked almost identical ended up sitting next to each other on a plane.

One man boarded the plane and sat down, only to find a very familiar face seated next to him. It’s totally eerie how much these two men resemble one another.

Both of the men surprised by meeting their look-alike, they of course snapped a selfie photo.

Inside Edition reported that one of the men on that flight from Glasgow, Scotland, to Galway, Ireland, was Neil Thomas Douglas.

A friend of one of the men’s family posted the pic on Twitter, writing: “Guy on the right is the husband of my friend. Guy on the left is a STRANGER he met on a flight last night.”

The friend later tweeted: “I can’t stop looking at it. They are the same man.”

Indeed, they bear more than a striking resemblance – their hairstyles, facial hair, and hair color are almost identical. They also have very similar smiles and eyes.

Others who had a similar look tweeted the family friend, who later noted: “I am now an agent for ginger-bearded men. Not a complaint btw.”

And if that’s not a crazy enough chance meeting, the two men discovered that there was yet another man on the flight who had a similar look.

Remarkably, the two men met up again when they checked into the same hotel and, later that night, they both showed up at the same pub. Amazing.

Those commenting on the YouTube video had plenty to say, including: “This is awesome, this is why I love humanity. Makes me smile every time,” “If that happened to me, I would’ve thought I was sitting next to a mirror,” and “That’s so cool!!”

Some people couldn’t get over the man in the background, however, with comments such as: “I just love the guy pointing in the background” and “The guy in the back laughing.”

Another commenter wasn’t so sure they’d buddy up with their lookalike, however, writing: “If i saw someone who looked just like me on a plane I would awkwardly avoid them out of embarrassment.”

Still another didn’t believe it (even though there’s photographic evidence), noting: “I think it’s fake because they have the same teeth.” And another wasn’t terribly impressed either, commenting: “Well, he doesn’t look like anything ‘special’ (not in a bad way), he’s white and a ginger haired man with beard (I’m sure there’re a looot of white people who have the same face structures and hair)…I bet most ginger head men look alike when they go with this style.”

Someone else wondered: “No DNA test, though?! They could be long lost twin brothers!”

Another noted that these doppelganger stories tend to happen in a certain geographic area, commenting: “How come every doppelganger I see on YouTube is from Ireland, Scotland or Sweden?”