Man Ignores Warnings Not To Smoke At The Gas Station, Ends Horribly

Updated October 6, 2017

When filling up a gas tank at the gas station, you know that you need to be careful. Gasoline is highly flammable. That means if it touches a flame or a spark, it can light up in an instant. For that reason, you need to make sure your car is not running while you fill it up. And similarly, it is not wise to smoke cigarettes or use a lighter on gas station property. But when a gas station employee saw that one customer thought he could get around the rules, he went to extreme lengths to show him just how dangerous it could be.

When a gas station customer refused to put his cigarette out while filling up his tank, the employee realized that if he wasn’t going to do it politely, he’d have to teach him a life lesson – that would end up saving his life and others some day.

Since the customer hadn’t listened, the employee took matters into his own hands. He picked up the fire extinguisher and started spraying the smoker in the face. He then covers the smoker in the white foam to put out the flame in the cigarette.

Gas station attendants take the no smoking policy seriously when people are using the pump. And this warning against smoking should always be followed.

In 2013, a man from Georgia faced criminal charges of reckless conduct when he started flicking his cigarette lighter close to his gas tank. When it ignited and caused a fire that “severely injured” the smoker’s wife, he saw how dangerous his act was.

Unfortunately, some people refuse to see how their actions are affecting others until something bad happens to them. When people see how situations affect people (through their own personal experience) they then offer to change their ways.

You are going to enjoy the gas station footage included below. You’ll see the entitled smoker refusing to follow the rules and then getting a face-full of karma after the gas station worker unloads the fire extinguisher in his face.

Viewers like you have shared their responses to the clip. Here were a couple of popular comments:

“Well… I guess, he did everything according to his instructions: put out the fire with an extinguisher.”

“If we see you smoking we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action.”

“Gas station attendant is a f***ing idiot who committed a felony assault… If it was me he would be in the hospital.  I don’t smoke,  AND  I am smart enough to know you can’t start gas on fire with a cigarette.  You need an open flame, or a spark… dumbf***s…”

“It’s against the law to light at a gas station, an already lit cigarette won’t do anything to gasoline but put out the cig.”

“I would spray him again until he stopped arguing and start apologizing”

Do you agree that the gas station attendant did the right thing? Should the smoker apologize for having a lit cigarette at the station?