Man Is Fed Up With His Wife’s Nagging, Heads To The Woods; Hides There For 10 Years

Updated October 24, 2017

A British man had all he could take when it came to his wife. According to him, she nagged him too much and one day he just decided that it was time to leave. Instead of just telling her that he wanted to separate, he took off to the woods and lived there for 10 years. This is almost like a teenager running away from home because this is essentially what he did.

62-year-old Malcolm Applegate decided that it was time to talk about his old life and his new life. He did this via a blog on the Emmaus Greenwich website. Applegate explained that he spent 25 years as a gardener and that he loved every minute of his work. Sometimes he had to work long hours, but he was okay with this since he enjoyed what he did. However, things changed the day that he got married. He said that his wife was not happy when he went to work and that she started to become more controlling with time.

Applegate says that he did what he could to make the situation better and he put in a lot of effort to try and make things work with his wife. However, no matter what he did she was just not happy and he got to a point where he just could not take it anymore. So, one day he just left. He told no one he was leaving and did not leave a note for his wife. He just walked out the door and never came back. A decade later and he continued to live his happy life away from his wife.

For the first five years, after he left, he lived in the woods and worked in a community center garden. This was his happy place because he loved to spend time working with plants and watching them grow. After this time, he heard about another place from a friend called Emmaus Greenwich. He decided that it was time to move there.

He says that he was incredibly happy with his new digs and the overall community that he was a part of. Recently, he decided to reach out to his sister to let her know that he was alive and well. Many people just assumed that something happened to him and that he was dead.

Applegate says that he believes the Emmaus gave him a second chance at life and for that he is incredibly grateful. He has a room there to himself and he is able to work doing what he loves the most. He said that this place also makes it possible for him to have an active social life. He remarked that due to this place, he was able to get his life back on track.

His wife has not yet come forward since this story hit the press. He also did not mention her name. It would be interesting to see what she has to say.

What do you think of this man’s move?