Man Is Lucky To Be Alive After Dumb Stunt Goes Terribly Wrong [video]

Updated June 14, 2017

If you’ve never done it, it is fun to fire at random objects – as long as it is done in a safe location. I remember when I made my first trip to Wyoming during my college years, my friend and I took his family’s hunting rifles and we went out to the edge of town. Because only about 1,000 people lived in the area, it was easy to find a spot where we were safe to shoot. We set up some objects like old glass bottles and a trashy toaster on a red rock. We stepped back and lifted the rifles and took shots at it. It was fun. And it reminds me of this video. Except in this clip, the fridge that the guy is shooting at fights back. Check it out below!

Mind you, this fridge is no ordinary fridge. It is loaded with explosives. So, the shooter in this clip is playing dangerously.

When the guy starts shooting at the fridge, he smirks because he knows it’s gonna go ‘bang’. In the clip, which was uploaded to YouTube, the man fires at the fridge loaded with Tannerite. This explosive is sold in many places and is geared toward gun owners.

In the video, you’ll see the gunman holding his rifle. He takes aim on the fridge, which is about 50 yards away. He thinks he is far enough to be safe. Not in the least…

Then, the gunman fires a shot at the fridge. As soon as the bullet enters the fridge, it explodes. The metal box tears apart into shreds.

The explosion is so powerful, it sends the refrigerator door careening through the air at the man with the gun.

He would have been killed. Fortunately, the tree saved his life.

The door of the fridge barely missed the left side of the tree. The gunman, who did not appear as tough now, hid behind the right side of the tree.

As you can guess, the internet loved the video. Here are a number of comments shared on Daily Mail from viewers like you:

“That fridge door is coming at him too fast, it’s defying the laws of physics, that’s why I don’t think it’s genuine.”

“Tannerite is safe when used in small quantities. Obviously, there was a lot more Tannerite inside the refrigerator than was safe, especially as the explosion would be contained inside the refrigerator, making it explode with flying pieces everywhere. Tannerite is designed to be shot in the open, so that you get a flash and bang, but no flying materials. You cannot protect fools from doing stupid things.”

“he video is a fake. The acceleration rate of the door away from the explosion is far too slow. Especially when compared to the top of the fridge that was blown straight up. The top of the fridge (which would be part of a single sheet of metal that was torn apart) flies an easy 30 feet in the air before the door has moved 5 feet.”

What do you think about this clip? Was the man lucky or what?

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