Man On Jet Ski Sees Shadow Underwater. Hits Record Quickly, Captures Rare Footage [video] : AWM

Man On Jet Ski Sees Shadow Underwater. Hits Record Quickly, Captures Rare Footage [video]

If I was to ever come close to an orca whale or a pod of them, I’d probably freak out. I mean they are called killer whales. Although they don’t usually harm humans, they can still cause some damage – even if it was accidental.


But what if you were out with buddies on jet skis when you stumbled upon something as massive as an entire pod of the black and white sea creatures? That’s what happened in the video footage below. And as you’ll see when you watch it, the moment quickly evolved into a once in a lifetime experience. See what we mean when you click play below!

Dave Lyons was the ‘surfer dude’ lucky enough to get to witness the close encounter with the killer whales. As a surf instructor from Kaikoura, he spends a lot of time out on the waves, but despite his passion for surfing, he has never gotten this close to orcas before.

Of course, he knew that people probably wouldn’t believe him. So, to prove that he was really surfing with the whales, he took some video. And as you’ll see, the clip quickly went viral. In less than five days, more than 13,000 people viewed it and then it exploded on the internet.

Although Lyons and a number of his employees always wanted to witness an orca whale while on the job, they’d never gotten lucky enough.

So, when they received a call about orca whales in the vicinity, the team hopped onto jet skis and hurried out to the location. They refused to allow this moment to pass them by without seeing the awesome sight for themselves.

The surf instructor recalled, “We followed them about 15km off-shore towards Mangamaunu. There was the mum one side, and the dad on the other. We never got close to him but he was huge – his fin was enormous. All the pups were playing, it was just so amazing.”


The video was captured outside Kaikoura, New Zealand. You can hear the people on jet skis shouting with excitement as they see the once in a lifetime sight. There are about a dozen or so whales swimming around their location. And the jet skiers just jump on board with the whales’ motion like they’re part of the pod.

Lyons said the whales were “totally surrounding us and playing with the wake and bubbles, freely swimming underneath and beside us and slapping their flukes with excitement.”

Readers across the internet, including share their reactions to the video.

“That’s so cool. My luck I’d come upon a great white shark. The ocean is scary,” wrote Daws001.

Others do not look so kindly upon the video. JWC writes, “What this film portrays as exhilaration for the jet skiers is illegal in Canada Harassment of the animals.”

“I want to vacation with whales,” wrote Costa Est.

What would you do if you saw a pod of orcas that close? Would you run away or go with the flow?

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