Man Shows Up After Mom Makes Plea, Takes One Look Inside The Home; Knows He Has To Act Fast

Updated October 18, 2017

A stranger showed that kindness is not lost in society today. A single mom, Joanna Wiley, took to social media to talk about her leaky roof that was causing water to drip right onto her child’s bed. The child is only three years old. She attempted to make the fix herself, but when she was on the ladder trying to reach the spot that needed to be fixed, she fell and landed on her porch.

As a result of the fall, she suffered a traumatic brain injury. However, this was not the worst of the news that she received after this injury. Her doctors also let her know that she had thyroid cancer too. So, she was still facing the consequences of her brain injury, but not she also had to deal with cancer and everything that comes with the treatment.

At this point, Wiley was desperate for something to go right and for something to give. She headed to her Facebook page to try and see if something could be done to help her. Despite her struggles, her focus was on her roof since this is what was affecting her daughter. She posted a video on her Facebook begging for someone to come out and repair her roof.

Unfortunately, in the six months that passed after she posted the video, she heard nothing. Then, all of the sudden, she got a response concerning her roof.

Edward Aguado from Hillsboro, Missouri saw her plea for help and was ready to provide it. At first, Wiley thought it was a scam since these are certainly common on the internet. However, it took very little time for her to realize that Aguado was not only not a scammer, but he was ready to come and get her roof fixed at no cost to her. He was just a good person wanting to help her out.

As soon as Aguado heard about the video from a friend of his, he did not hesitate. He knew immediately that he was going to help Wiley and do whatever it took to make sure that her roof got repaired so that her young child no longer had to deal with water dripping onto her bed whenever it started to rain outside.

Not only did Aguado fix the area that was bad, he put on a completely new roof. This means that Wiley will not have to worry about leaks for a very long time.

Wiley was completely blown away and just knowing that she was in need and he was able to help is the only payment that Aguado needed. He was just happy to help her out.

This story quickly went viral and Aguado’s kindness inspired others to seek out opportunities to help out a stranger. One reader commented that in order to make the country great again, every person has to be like Aguado and willing to extend a helping hand when they are able to do it.

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