Man Sick Of Cars Driving On His Lawn, Comes Up With The Perfect Solution. Revenge Is Sweet

Updated June 15, 2017

An Illinois man has been fined by the local police after he set up dangerous booby traps in his front yard that he claims were to prevent people from driving on his lawn.

Now his actions have led the small town to enact an ordinance prohibiting booby traps in their city. Find out what drove the man to rig his own front yard and how his neighbors feel about it

A homeowner in the small town of Pevely, Illinois has had enough of people who he claims are driving all over his lawn. The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, took matters into his own hands and placed spiked booby traps in his lawn with the intent to damage any vehicles that might venture onto his property.

When the local police department became aware of the potentially dangerous situation through complaints by concerned neighbors, they removed the traps, made of wood planks and long spikes, and issued the man a fine.

Speaking with St. Louis television station, KMOV, Pevely Police chief Ron Weeks said “They were painted black and they were buried in the ground, and it made it very difficult to see.”

After removing the dangerous traps, the police department issued the unidentified man a ticket. Further, the city council has proposed a city ordinance banning all booby traps from the city.

This story from the heartland has struck a chord with many people, who have taken to social media and comment boards to share their thoughts.

One commenter said “He should have done it without telling anyone. I don’t think the town has a right to stop him and certainly not to fine him. he should get a lawyer and sue the town for big money just to make a point that he has a right to protect his property. The town should at the very least fix his lawn and put up a nice fence to keep these a**holes off his lawn. I would dig 3 ft trenches and hide them, that way he will know who it is when they can’t remove their vehicle from the ditch.”

Another commenter related his experience with troubling small town corruption, saying “I tried that and it was the cops undercover. they came and spun up my lawn about 15 times. It was retaliation for reporting their commander as a pedo. He was jogging around the neighborhood and looking in windows at wives and underage girls. How was I supposed to know who he was? He still deserved to be arrested… which he wasn’t.”

This is the internet which means there were also a few people who did not find the man’s dangerous booby traps to be at all neighborly, saying things like “Big rocks painted green would do the job and be safe,” and “The problem I see is that part of the grass happens to be part of the city’s right of way which means it is city property.”

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