Man Sneaks Into Funeral Home That’s Been Closed For Years, Sickened With What He Unearths

Updated July 5, 2017

Urban explorers keep pushing the envelope. They have been going into riskier and riskier places to get more followers on social media and become more popular. One woman even entered an elderly man’s home, which she thought was abandoned. She made friends with the man and has been in touch with him for years now. But in the video below, a YouTube explorer has strapped his camera to his body as he ventures inside an abandoned funeral home in Bessemer, Alabama searching for God knows what. While he expected to get creeped out from the dark corners and the “ghostly” sights, he never expected to find this…

YouTuber R. Willy was on an adventure when he broke inside the old mortuary called Memorial Mounds. It was most empty as he learned while rifling through the contents and drawers of the abandoned funeral home.

But when R. Willy started opening up the left-behind caskets, he began messing with the dead’s dignity. And that’s when he got himself into trouble.

As he pulled off the heavy lid of one casket, the urban explorer saw the dead body inside. He almost passed out.

After looting through the coffins, which were thankfully empty, he walked into the embalming room. He felt something strange in his gut. It was a sixth sense tingling. An array of old chemicals and scraps from the mortuary business which used operate daily in the space.

Eventually, R. Willy gathered his courage to pass through the black curtain into a secret room. That’s where he discovered more coffins. Because the first ones were empty, he figured these were harmless too. But his gut was ringing its warning again. He felt like his bowels were about to release. Nevertheless, he mustered up the courage and took a few steps closer. His pulse quickened.

The abandoned coffins were held at various spots in the metal lattice attached to the wall.

While most people would have ran for the hills at this point, R. Willy ignored his gut feeling and went over to the caskets.

They were filled with dead bodies! R. Willy was sick. His bowels almost failed him and he screamed.

Fortunately, he caught everything on camera and uploaded it to YouTube. Otherwise we might not have believed him.

Check out the clip below as he explorers the old Bessemer, Alabama funeral home. It’s shocking. It’s grotesque. It’s worth watching.

Hundreds of thousands have played the video. You should too. Here are some comments from viewers like you:

“just in case anyone is interested, yes they managed to identify all 8 of the bodies and they have contacted about 3 families about what happened. they’re still looking for the other families of the deceased. check on and search ‘memorial mound’ and the last news article about this place should have all the names,” wrote one viewer.

“So sad that the bodies were left behind.  At least, give them a cremation.”

What do you think about his terrifying find in the funeral home?

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