Man Spots A Rare Sight Along An Alaskan River. Luckily For Us He Caught It On Camera [video]

Updated May 18, 2017

When an Alaskan man named Roger Bickleman was outside one day, he came across an amazing sight across the lake in the Susitna river valley. He was astounded at first and couldn’t move. But when he finally gathered his wits together, he took out his camera and took a video of the amazing creature.

An extraordinarily rare albino moose stood strong and tall across the lake from Bickleman. Check out the rare footage included below!

Bickleman took the footage while hiking along the lake in the interior of Alaska. Albinism, while it does occur naturally in the wild, is considered rare.

What Bickleman got on this video is an exceptional display of nature’s majesty.

Canada Geographic wrote, “Murray Brilliant, the director of the Center for Human Genetics at the University of Wisconsin and an expert on albinism, says that while albinism can occur in just about every kind of animal, the absence of pigmentation varies greatly among individuals in any species.”

Although albinism is a rare condition in the wild, in Alaska it is not as uncommon, expert Ken Marsh claims.

“Albino and/or leucistic moose occasionally turn up in Alaska, and there have been several sightings over the years in Interior Alaska, particularly,” Ken Marsh, a spokesman with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, told the National Post.

“With between 175,000 and 200,000 moose, Alaska is home to roughly one sixth of the continent’s moose population,” the National Post writes. But if people continue to hunt moose, especially albino moose, then the population could drastically drop in the coming years. If that happens, future generations will never get to stumble upon a moose like bickleman did here.

Canadian Geographic continued: “The  Cape Breton Highlands, where hunters shot the albino moose in October, are similarly isolated. Clifford Paul, the moose management co-ordinator of the Unamaki Institute of Natural Resources, which represents Mi’kmaq environmental concerns in Cape Breton, says that in the last six years there have been sightings of at least three distinct white moose.”

The 30-second footage below is like a moment taken from a mythical land. The moose is radiant and beautiful. Watching it graze along the river is a breathtaking sight.

Viewers were stunned by the sighting because it is so beautiful.

“The entire scene is stunning. Thanks for sharing,” wrote Avery Jarhman.

Sarah Keartes had a lot of questions about the moose with albinism: “Hi there! Where was this filmed? Had you seen the moose before?”

Albino moose have been popular in recent years. In 2004, Yukon premier Tony Penikett wrote a tongue-in-cheek reference about the large land animals: “Remarkably, there is no evidence of discrimination against the rare albino ungulate, this is an admirable moose quality and one that obviates the need for any legislative intervention,” he wrote.

Because the bull moose in this video carries the albinism gene, he could successfully reproduce and create another moose with albinism.

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