Man Thinks It’s A Giant Slithering Snake Until He Gets Closer, Realizes What It Actually Is

Updated September 8, 2017

Mother Nature is full of surprises. No matter how hard scientists work to figure out everything in nature, there is always something new that has to be interpreted. Whether it is learning more about the fish on the bottom of the sea in the Mariana Trench or learning more about the possibility of water on the moon or bacteria life on Mars. No matter how hard we work to figure out the world around us, there is always another layer of mystery waiting to be uncovered. And this story fits right into that. One man was walking along when he saw what he thought was either a snake or a huge worm. But when he got closer, as his curiosity compelled him to do, he realized it was actually a long organism composed of hundreds of tiny, squirming caterpillars. And he could not contain his surprise.

This worm-like creature certainly looks strange. And Benjamin Percy was the man who came upon it and filmed the creature squirming in real time. He was walking his dog when he found the thing. But it first caught his attention with a sound. Not sure where it was coming from, he looked down at the ground and saw the thing in front of him.

The odd creature was squirming about on the ground. And his gut told him it was a worm – but it ended up not being quite what he thought. It wasn’t a “worm” but a collection of caterpillars or worms all grouped up as one.

While I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to stick around to film the collection of caterpillars, Percy was eager to film his findings. And he wanted the internet to get a close look at the thing he found slithering about his town.

The video is clear. The hundreds of caterpillars are working together as a unit to move the mass around the ground. It’s very strange.

Percy filmed the “beast” in Northfield, Minnesota. He shared the following about what he had seen.

“I was taking the dog on a morning walk, when I heard something odd. I saw the source but didn’t understand it. It looked like one worm, but it was hundreds (thousands?) that had merged together.”

The clip quickly went viral. Here were some comments from people like you:

“They do this to cover more ground faster. The ones on the ground move at one speed, the one layer higher can now move even faster with their own movement added, and the next layer even faster; and so on. As the top ones make it to the front, they become the ones on the bottom; and then repeat.”

“Like tank tracks”

As you can imagine, the public consensus is terror. No one wants to go out for a walk in Minnesota and stumble upon a giant horde of caterpillars crawling across the ground.

How would you have reacted if you saw this “beast” on the ground in front of you? Would you have turned around and walked the other direction or taken out your camera to film this thing?