Man Walks Into Grocery Store Carrying His Mother’s Head Then Things Go From Bad To Worse

Updated May 18, 2017

Joshua Webb completely misunderstood the meaning of Mother’s Day. When it came time to do something special for his mom, the woman who brought him into the world, Webb, 36, murdered her, decapitated her and then carried her bleeding head into the local Estacada Thriftway Harvest Market in Oregon on Sunday.

The people who watched him enter screamed when they saw him. He was drenched in blood, carrying the knife and his mother’s severed head. But Webb was not finished with his murderous rage. He then turned the blade toward and innocent grocery store employee and stabbed the person.

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After the grocery store clerk named Mike was stabbed, his coworkers ran to his aid. Some of the bravest workers tackled Webb and pinned him to the ground. They kept him restrained until police arrived to arrest the crazed murderer.

When Webb was arrested at the grocery store, they questioned him. After just a few moments, they knew something was terribly wrong and rushed to his mother’s home about 10 miles away.

After police arrived at the Colton, Oregon home, they quickly discovered that Webb’s 59-year-old mother Tina had been murdered. Police believe the two incidents are connected. But they did not verify the witnesses’ claims that Webb was carrying his mother’s severed head on Mother’s Day.

The interim police chief of Sandy, Oregon Ernie Roberts addressed curious reporters on Monday. He said that Webb said nothing after he was subdued except when he decided to tell someone he was thirsty.

“He was in like a catatonic state, wasn’t speaking to anybody,” the cop said. “That’s why he was transported to the hospital.”

Mike remains in the hospital. He suffered serious injuries at the hands of the deranged killer. But he is expected to recover in full.

Daily Mail readers shared their insights into the case. Here are some of the popular responses:

“Poor woman. What is up with his pupils? They aren’t round and seem to be bleeding into his cold blue eyes. Scary guy,” wrote on reader.

“I hope the mom didn’t think she needed to “protect him” by not getting help for him. Truly he appears in a very bad way. Eessshhhhh” shared KerrieBerrie2.

“thanks to the ACLU, it’s illegal to do anything else. They forced the closing of the mental institutions because they felt people mentally unable to make life choices have the right to make life choices,” shared Ron Amatic.

“What’s happening to people, everyday we read of disgusting acts, murder and abuse,” wrote a terrified reader.

“When is this country going to wake up and ban knives? Thousands of people die or injured every year by knives. When need the European Union or the United Kingdom to take leadership in banning knives. Truth!” shared one liberal.

“Good Heavens … you just can’t make stuff like this up. What a messed up species we are.”

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