Man Who Is Fed Up With Theives Stealing His Packages, Gets The Perfect Revenge [video]

Updated February 2, 2017

In this day and age, we all order things online. From clothes to groceries, there is pretty much nothing that can’t be delivered to your front door step. The downside is that packages that arrive when we are not home can become prime targets for crimes of opportunity.  Few things are more tempting to lowlifes than packages sitting unattended in front of a house.

Well, we just found a Utah man who discovered that he was the victim of theft even more frequently than he could have imagined. After setting up a surveillance camera on his front porch, he was shocked to discover that he was a victim of crime at least once a week. You are going to love how he took action when you watch this video.

Randy Dark was fed up with people taking packages off the porch of his Salt Lake City home and decided to get back at the crooks. Now, not only is he catching them red handed on camera, but for weeks he has been pranking the bad guys as well.

Speaking with KSTU-TV news, Randy said “I want to see how often is this happening where I live, and it turns out it happens all the time. I put these cameras up thinking I’m going to have the odd chance catching someone doing something bad, I didn’t realize I would catch someone doing something bad every single week. I was mainly surprised it happened to me because I didn’t feel like my neighborhood was that kind of place.”

Since installing the cameras and discovering exactly how common his problem was, he has stopped having packages delivered to his home altogether. But that has not stopped him from tempting the crooks with bait boxes.

“Every time it’s a new person,” Dark said. “Sometimes two of these events would happen a day. I had left them a note that said, ‘Hey, I caught you on camera, don’t come back.'”

As well as the notes, he has also left the thieves a treat of sorts.

“A package of gummy bears that are sugar-free for diabetics, pretty extreme upset stomach if you eat too much of them,” Dark said. “Not a whole lot of satisfaction in that because you don’t know if they ate them. They might have just chucked them.”

Local police do not recommend such tactics as they may open a homeowner up to retaliation from criminals.

Speaking with KSTU-TV news, Detective Cody Lougy of the Salt Lake City Police Department says “I wouldn’t encourage it because these guys know where you live, I wouldn’t encourage it.”

Lougy recommends instead, turning surveillance video over to authorities to help them identify  perps.

Always wanted say the word “perp.”

For his part though, Dark says “That’s why I’m just putting notes in and why I won’t do the gummy bears again, because I don’t really want them to come back.”

He is also planning to install additional cameras positioned to capture license plate numbers as well. Hopefully that information will further assist law enforcement in catching these criminals.

Have you ever had a package stolen from your front porch? Did they catch the thief? Share your stories with us here.