Man Who Is On Death Row For Murdering A Neighbor Just Made A Demand On How He Should Die

Updated May 17, 2017

When J.W. Ledford Jr. was just 20-years old, he brutally killed his 73-year-old neighbor, Dr. Harry Buchanan Johnston Jr. and kidnapped the man’s wife during a robbery. The Georgia killer was convicted of the 1992 crime and has been sitting on death row since then using up taxpayer dollars.

The elderly victim was considered “rather feeble” compared to her virile murderer. Ledford’s elderly victim bleed to death after “one continuous or two slices to the neck.” Ever since Ledford was arrested and convicted, Georgia taxpayers have been buying his meals and paying his cable bill until his time came to be executed, which took more than 20 years.

But now that Ledford’s time has come, he has asked for a strange request…

Back when the killer was convicted, Ledford was given the death sentence for “the malice murder of Dr. Harry Buchanan Johnston Jr., as well as two counts of armed robbery, one count of burglary and one count of kidnapping Dr. Johnston’s wife, Antoinette.”

Ledford’s execution date was set for May 16 in April of this year. He was sentenced to take lethal injection. This is the only method of death used in the state of Georgia.

But instead of asking for a fancy last meal, Ledford has demanded that Georgia kill him like the Nazis killed their prisoners – death by firing squad.

During this method of execution, Ledford would be shot to death by several trained officers simultaneously. This method of execution is currently only legal in Oklahoma, Utah and Mississippi.

Ledford’s lawyers filed paperwork with the U.S. District Court stating that Utah used a firing squad as recently as 2010.

“A target was pinned over the inmate’s heart. Five shooters set up at a distance of 21 feet from the inmate, armed with .30-caliber Winchester rifles. One rifle was loaded with blanks so that no one knew which officer killed the inmate. The inmate was pronounced dead two minutes after he was shot.”

Although many think that Ledford wants fame, his lawyers claim the lethal injection would be more painful. They say that because Ledford has used pain medications for so long, the lethal injection would hurt more than a firing squad.

“Mr. Ledford proposes that the firing squad is a readily implemented and more reliable alternative method of execution that would eliminate the risks posed to him by lethal injection.”

State lawyers are fighting back.

“Plaintiff has waited until the eve of his execution to suddenly claim that he has been treated for pain with medication that will allegedly interfere with his execution. If plaintiff really thought the firing squad was a reasonable alternative he could have alerted the State years, instead of 5 days, before his execution.”

Whatever way he is killed, he has requested the following as his final meal:

“Last meal of Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon with Pepper Jack cheese, large French fries, 10 chicken tenders with sauce, fried pork chop, bloomin’ onion, pecan pie with vanilla ice cream, sherbet and a Sprite.”

Should this violent murderer be allowed to go out this way? Or does he deserve to die a boring death from the needle?