Many Are Calling It The Coolest Ocean Footage They Have Seen In A Long Time [video]

Updated May 15, 2017

You never know what you’re going to find at the bottom of the ocean. While the critters in the deep, deep sea are like something from a different world, they’re not the only weird guys you’ll find under the big blue.

One of the strangest creatures ever to come out of the sea are octopi. These invertebrates are very strong, smart and able to get themselves out of tough situations. You can watch this red octopus squeezing out of a tiny hole after being brought on the deck of a ship.

Below, we’ve shared a video of the veined octopus of Indonesia. While it might look ordinary from a picture, watching it in action is a whole other story. This guy is very different. Like a hermit crab, this octopus seeks the shelter of a shell to provide safety from fearsome predators. And when you watch the clip from Earth Touch, you’ll learn more about the “kleptopus” and why it is such a special undersea animal.

When the video begins, you’ll see the veined octopus gliding across the sandy bottom of the ocean. Then he goes from sea shell to sea shell. Not for food. But to build a so-called bunker.

Back in 2009, scientists found these creatures using coconut shells as shelter. It was the first example of an octopus using a tool within nature.

The video is both educational and humorous. Watch and you’ll learn a lot about this undersea creature. But you’ll probably also chuckle along because the creators have decided to narrate the octopus’s movements with a strange voice.

Millions of viewers like you have tuned in to watch this amazing clip. Here are a number of their comments that have ranked highly among viewers.

“Science is simply amazing.  This underwater camera is outfitted with a new generation microphone that was able to capture this octopus’ British accent with great clarity,” shared one reader.

“>Evolves to be a mollusk successful without a shell >Seeks the shells of lesser mollusks for protection. Evolution; trolling since whenever life started, Kappa.”

One viewer did not like the octopus’s voice: “the voice-over for the octopus is very IRRITATING! I want to hear the narrator, not the unnecessary “voice-over”!”

“We’re watching evolution at its best.. Give it a million years before cephalopods come standard with shell armor. Truly magnificent !” shared Joe Macapinlac.

“Octopuses are not ugly, they’re just different…totally different, and about as different from us anything possibly could get. If I was a marine animal I would love to be an octopus but even MORE SO a cuttlefish, now them jokers there are like aliens!”

“That’s really cool how it also seemed to know how to align the shell halves to what it would be if it was one of his cousins, a clam, in there. Seriously, why are mollusks and other invertebrates so cool?”

What do you think about this strange undersea creature? Did you know that an octopus could use a tool like that?

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